Our Mission


PC Cafe Online was started in July 1998 and is a free Web-based publication for small to medium sized businesses and home PC or Macintosh users. Our goal is to become a resource for those PC and Mac owners who want practical information on products and services.

Review Criteria

Since we will be reviewing a diversity of products (software, hardware, and services) for different level users, our review format will vary depending on what format would best suite the individual item and targeted user. Therefore we will emphasize one or more of the following:

  • Practical discussion on existing and/or updated product features, enabling readers to judge the merit of the product in terms of their needs and abilities.
  • Evaluation of printed material and other supplemental information, if any. Including any bonus programs and services that may be included in the package.
  • Comments directed at users of every level with special comments targeted at beginners.
  • Comparative discussion of similar products.

We would like to include links to other individuals and companies that are relevant to the product and/or provide an example of the product's usage or merits. This is a future goal as we contact individuals or companies for their permission.


Comments and/or suggestions are welcome. Don't be surprised to see numerous changes in our Web site. As we grow as a publication, our Web site will also grow. We will be looking for ways to make PC Cafe Online better and more usable by our visitors. Our readers are our top priority.