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Type of Product


The Telephone Call-In System 3000 is Martel Electronics' cassette tape call-in dictation system. Here is how a call in dictation system works. You install a System 3000 at your home or office. Next a professional user such as a Doctor, Lawyer, or any who needs transcripts done calls your telephone number and your System 3000 answers the call. The caller then presses a 4 digital security code and begins dictating. At any point the user can stop, rewind and listen to any of his or her dictation. After the user is done dictation you can remove the tape from the System 3000 and replace it with a new one, therefore allowing you to begin transcribing. See image to the left for a view of the Control Unit. The system comes in two versions:

4 Hour Call-In System that uses standard cassettes includes:

  • System 3000 Call-In System;
  • Sanyo TRC-8800 Dictation Machine;
  • Sanyo TRC-8080 3 Speed Transcriber for transcription.

90 Minute Call-In System that uses micro cassettes includes:

  • System 3000 call-In System;
  • Sanyo TRC-6400 Dictation Machine.

Both systems are similar in setup and features, but use different size cassettes. And the 90 Minute Call-In System does not include the 3 Speed Transcriber. I tested the the 4 Hour Call-In System for this review.

System 3000 4 Hour System--Standard Cassettes: $995.00; System 3000 90 Minute System--Micro Cassettes: $995.00. See the Martel Electronics web site for more info:

User Level
Beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. This system is easy to install and use and appropriate for just about anyone.


  • Uses standard phone line and jack;
  • Personalized Announcement Message;
  • Four Digit Security Code;
  • Audible End of Tape Alarm
  • Live monitoring through System 3000 speaker box.
Product Analysis

Installation and Help
control unit and recorder

The system comes with a printed System 3000 step-by-step Setup and Use pamphlet for the Control Unit and two Instruction Manuals, one for the Dictation Unit and one for the Transcription Unit. When I first received the product, I thought it might be difficult. But within a few minutes it was up and running. See image to the left for a view of the Control Unit and the Dictation Unit.


There are three units: The Control Unit connects to your telephone line and to the Dictation Machine. You plug the power cords from both into wall outlets. Then put in a tape. When you want to transcribe the tape, you take it out and then use the 3 speed transcriber. There is a pre-recorded message that you can use or you can customize the message using the microphone that comes with the system.

Security Code


The system has a security code that individuals need to use in order to access the system. This is a safety feature that allows only selected users the ability to record or use the system.

  Telephone Controls
phone controls

Users can use telephone touch tone controls to play, stop, record, fast Forward, and Rewind the tape.

  • Touch 1 to Play
  • Touch 2 to Stop
  • Touch 3 to Record
  • Touch 4 to Fast Forward
  • Touch 5 to Rewind
Final Comments
The Telephone Call-In System 3000 is easy to use, reliable, and most of all cost effective for you business. I have found that most businesses want their work done "yesterday." And having a call-in system eliminates the time and cost for clients to send or deliver cassettes for transcription. I would highly recommend this system.
System Requirements
  • Telephone Jack
  • Wall Outlets
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