John Stewart Screensaver

To set up your John Stewart Screensaver
you will need to download a screensaver program
and also the images you wish to display.

The screensaver program is distributed as Freeware
and can be found at:

Or you could also go to Comis Software's site at:

At my site you will see a listing of  files.
The screensaver file is called SLIDES~1.EXE
The other files are the John Stewart image files.

Right click on the screensaver file and save it to your disc in a folder of your choice.

You can also download the image files from there or you can go to:
where you can see thumbnail previews of the images.

Whichever way you download the image files,
make a new folder on your computer that has no subfolders
and put them there.

You must  use your "back" button to return from the "files" site.

To Use the Screensaver

After you have downloaded the SLIDES~1.EXE file and the image files of your choice,
go to the folder where you saved the SLIDES~1.EXE file and run it.
Then right click on a blank area of your desktop,
select "properties", then select the "screensaver" tab.
Then select the "Slideshow" screensaver and select the "Settings" button.
Chose the options you wish that determine how the screensaver will operate.
Make sure the "Accept JPG" box is checked.

A help file is available there for additional information.

A nice feature of this screensaver program
is that you can direct it to any folder on your computer
and it will use the JPG and BMP images in that folder for display.
To change the images displayed
just move them into or out of the selected folder,
or re-direct the screensaver to another folder.


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