Tahiti Photo Trek
January, 2005


rentalbikesX640.jpg (168073 bytes)
Rental Bikes, Bora Bora

Although Popular Photography and Imaging magazine chose
the next photo to include in their article about our Tahiti Trek,
this is my most personally satisfying image from the workshop.
I do understand though, that this image does not have "Tahiti" written all over it.


boatsindrydockX480.jpg (73710 bytes)
Dry Docked Boats, Bora Bora

I found this scene at a stop during our "le truck" circumnavigation of Bora Bora.
It was early in the afternoon and the sun was glaring down,
but I liked the dynamic contrast created by the different heights of the boats and their ages.
What I didn't like were the distracting colors in the scene and the hazy clouds.
I desaturated the image and then gave it a sepia tone.
I also blocked up the sky and some shadow detail to increase the graphic effect.


01-18a-boraletruck-059x480.jpg (63282 bytes)
For comparison, this is the original image file, except for re-sizing,
exactly as it was captured by my Canon 20D.


01-16c-raiatea-045X400.JPG (28514 bytes)
01-16c-raiatea-120X400.JPG (28388 bytes)
Henry Diltz Steve McCurry

Mentors on the Popular Photography / American Photo Tahiti Trek


01-16c-raiatea-052X400.JPG (43867 bytes)
Raiatea Hillside in the Rain


Tahiti_2005_01x400.jpg (78311 bytes)
Planter Reflection in a Rain Puddle , Raiatea


01-16c-raiatea-070X400.JPG (41142 bytes)
Church Garden, Raiatea,
As seen through a Lensbaby lens.


Tahiti_2005_16x400.jpg (36090 bytes)
Church Garden, Raiatea
As seen through a stained glass window.


01-16c-raiatea-047X400.JPG (39258 bytes)
Fire Hydrant, Raiatea


01-16c-raiatea-101X480.JPG (30589 bytes)
Shopping Center Architecture, Raiatea


Tahiti_2005_21x400.jpg (33518 bytes)
More Shopping Center Architecture, Raiatea
As seen through a Lensbaby lens.


01-17a-tahaashore-011x480.JPG (78330 bytes)
Tahaa Shoreline, Just Above Waterlevel


01-17d-tahaajeep-086X640.JPG (70036 bytes)
Off Shore Fishing Hut, Tahaa



01-17c-picnic-007x400.jpg (68203 bytes)
Palm Fronds, Tahaa


01-17c-picnic-020X400.jpg (28984 bytes)
Thumbs Up!
Preparing Coconuts Drinks for Our Island Picnic, Tahaa


01-17d-tahaajeep-058X400.JPG (47924 bytes)
In the Back Window of a School Bus, Tahaa


01-18a-boraletruck-011X400.jpg (18696 bytes)
Looking into a Church Through a Stained Glass Window, Bora Bora


01-18a-boraletruck-010X480.JPG (88548 bytes)
Cleaning Up, Bora Bora


Tahiti_2005_20x400.jpg (67547 bytes)
Pareus Drying on the Line, Bora Bora


01-18a-boraletruck-033X400.JPG (58974 bytes)
Using the Pareus Fabric as Diffusion


Tahiti_2005_03x400.jpg (44558 bytes)
Looking Up


blowinginwindX400.JPG (50133 bytes)
A Windy Day at the Pareus Production Yard, Bora Bora


01-19a-borahenry-101X400.jpg (45238 bytes)
Henry Diltz and several trekkers took a walk through a local neighborhood on Bora Bora.
We found laundry...


01-19a-borahenry-078x480.JPG (69501 bytes)
...and bicycles in front yards...


01-19a-borahenry-016X400.JPG (41164 bytes)
... and children...


01-19a-borahenry-124X400.jpg (43344 bytes)
...with their dogs...


01-19a-borahenry-107X400.JPG (52079 bytes)
...and very friendly people.


01-19a-borahenry-143X400.JPG (33209 bytes)
Shoes on a Pier, Bora Bora


01-19a-borahenry-146X400.JPG (35511 bytes)
Shoes on the Tender Boat Returning to the Cruise Ship


01-20b-dinner-013X400.jpg (64630 bytes)
Shoes on the Deck of the Cruise Ship


Tahiti_2005_12x400.jpg (74311 bytes)
Cruise Ship Entertainer


Tahiti_2005_06.jpg (112421 bytes)
Shoreline View from the Cruise Ship



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