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Also known as a "virtual host", this feature allows you to host your website at the top level of your domain name, for example "" or even simply "". This top level hosting makes it appear that you've got your own dedicated server hardware hosting your site and makes it much easier for visitors to remember your website address.

Basic Hosting setup takes just a few minutes to complete using our online tools. Once you've set it up, you can promote your top level web address immediately.

Existing customers should log in to Member Tools to order service.


  • 15000 megabytes of storage for your web page, email, and storage.
  • 150 gigabytes of file transit per month
  • 150 email-only accounts
  • IMAP mail service (More Info)
  • FTP access to keep your content up-to-date
  • CGI access for advanced web programming (More Info)
  • Shell access available at no additional charge (More Info)
  • 15 MySQL Databases included (additional MySQL also available separately)
  • DNS hosting included for one domain name (DNS also available separately)
  • True IP Virtual Host for robust, IP-based hosting
  • Comprehensive disk usage and bandwidth monitoring with Hedgehog

Important Note: It is necessary to register a domain name to take advantage of this service. Domain Name Registration service is available through, or you can transfer hosting of an existing domain name as part of your signup.

This service does not include Internet connectivity. Basic Hosting can be added to an existing account.

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