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DNS (Domain Name Service)


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What is DNS Service?

DNS (Domain Name Service) is a service that allows a Domain Name to be visible to the world. When you register a new domain name, we update our Name Servers with information for your new domain. This information is then shared with name servers throughout the world so that others can send you email and easily find your website.

Mail Server Access

DNS provides access to Mail Servers so that email sent to your domain can be routed to the correct person. For example, email sent to might be routed to while mail sent to might be routed to or even

Web Site Access

With DNS and a domain name, you can also access your website by pointing your web browser to either of the following addresses:

If you would like to access your new domain as or even more simply as you will need to add Basic Hosting or Value Hosting for the domain name. Basic Hosting provides simpler and more professional access to your domain and has other advantages as well.

Who should buy this service?

Most people who buy Sonic's DNS service already have a domain name hosted with another company. If you would like your existing domain name to be serviced by Sonic, this service is for you.

The Cost of Sonic's DNS service is $1.95 per Month and the service will be billed on the same schedule as your regular sonic bill. While adding DNS to your account, you will also be given the option of purchasing Sonic's Basic Hosting or Value Hosting service.

Who should not buy this service?

If you do not yet have a domain name, this service is not for you! Instead, you should register a new domain. During the registration process, you will also receive Sonic DNS for your new domain and be given the option to add our Basic Hosting or Value Hosting service.

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