Front Cover:

This cover uses a composite photo technique and extensive retouching to depict what might be a recurring dream of a lounge musician.

Dragging her piano repertoire to the nightly engagements in opulent and not so opulent settings, she adds an aura of elegance to the scene.

The building was shot in the morning after a thunderstorm to capture the dreamlike cloud formations. All the neon light effects were painted in, as were the leg shadows, both human and piano.

In the title, Piano Noir is a play on the term Film Noir. Implied is that the music makes the listener feel as if they were in a Humphrey Bogart movie.
Inside Cover:

The inside cover photos were shot in Maple's home.

They feature her white baby grand piano and (if you look closely) her matching feline companion, Jack.

The small photo at the dark piano as well as the photo on the back cover were shot at a local hotel where Maple was providing grand piano music for the Sunday Brunch.
Back Cover:

This is the original layout guide for the back cover as sent to the disc manufacturer. They did an excellent job transforming it to the final version.

The photo attempts to capture a candid moment backstage while hoping to evoke the style of impressionist, Edgar Degas.

Maple thought it would be fun to put her back view on the back cover.

I authored the short paragraph to introduce the Film Noir reference.

Ultimately, the back cover hopes to give the potential CD purchaser an insight into the presentation. style, musical content, and listening experience.

CD Disk and Label:

This is the original layout guide for the CD Disk and Label.

The finished product was crisp and well executed.

The manufacturer used highly a reflective mirror-like ink for the typeface that added a nice touch of glitz.
Images © 2005 Maple Profant used by permission. See website,

© 2007 Steve Gillman
All rights reserved