Front Cover:

This is actually more of a cover insert than a formal cover sleeve.

This disc is designed to be viewed using a standard DVD player and Television Monitor. The 7 minute video is in color and stereo sound.

The liner notes are as follows:

The picturesque hamlet of Jenner, California provides wondrous and majestic inspiration for insightful visitors and residents who relish its scenic rolling hills, inviting waterways, and rugged coastal vistas.

One such resident is artist Robert von Kepner whose works of fine art pencil drawings hearken back to the visual traditions of da Vinci, Rubens, and Michelangelo while remaining uniquely contemporary and engaging.

In this Video Portfolio of Robert's work the viewer gets to know a little about the artist's daily life and thoughts, his appreciation of the past masters, and the artistic atmosphere of the studio as the artist creates a new piece of art.

Video Portfolio:

The centerpiece of the video is a slideshow of Robert's finished and framed drawings set to original music. The pieces are presented as they might appear in a gallery or artist's workshop.

Here is an example of Robert's work as seen in the video. The piece is entitled "Ebony Femininity" .

All of the video, stills, and music are created and edited by Steve Gillman with the exception of the referenced works of the masters that are in the public domain.

An excerpt from the original soundtrack is linked below.

Soundtrack Excerpt.wma "Robert von Kepner
The Contemplative Self"
by Steve Gillman
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