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Below are the liner notes from the CD, Excursion by Steve Gillman.
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WMA Excerpt Title Source of Excerpt Run

Live - Solo Guitar Arrangements by Steve Gillman

As Time Goes By   ( Herman Hupfeld ) Live Solo Recording 0:47 195 Kb

Misty   ( Erroll Garner ) Live Solo Recording 0:48 388 Kb

Sleepers Awake   ( J.S. Bach ) Live Solo Recording 1:06 270 Kb

St. Louis Blues   ( J.W. Handy ) Live Solo Recording 0:49 199 Kb

Take Five   ( Paul Desmond ) Live Solo Recording 0:55 227 Kb

The Bolero   ( Maurice Ravel ) Live Solo Recording 0:50 205 Kb

Film Scores - Compositions and Arrangements by Steve Gillman

Portfolio Background The Contemplative Self 0:25 108 Kb

Main Theme Point Reyes Park Film 1:06 272 Kb

Elk Reserve Point Reyes Park Film 0:41 169 Kb

Whale Watching Point Reyes Park Film 0:50 209 Kb

Bird Sanctuary Point Reyes Park Film 0:37 159 Kb

Sunrise Olympic Park Film 0:45 189 Kb

Native American Theme Olympic Park Film 0:40 169 Kb

Mountain Trail Climb Olympic Park Film 0:58 227 Kb

Fun Stuff - Compositions and Arrangements by Steve Gillman

Leo Laporte gets a Sounder Radio Capture 1:07 277 Kb

Scary Theme Salute to Elfman 0:43 177 Kb

CD:  EXCURSION - Compositions and Arrangements by Steve Gillman

Sir John's Homecoming Excursion CD 0:31 136 Kb

Master Corwin's Mellifluous Child Excursion CD 01:01 254 Kb

Lord Chumley's Revenge Excursion CD 0:41 169 Kb

Q.I. Excursion CD 0:42 342 Kb

EXCURSION Liner Notes:

It all has to do with time. Time is to the musician what the canvas is to the painter. He fills it with sound, manipulates it, defines it, and is bounded by it. Tones become colors. Tempo and counterpoint provide textures. Performance and technique bring it to life. This is what EXCURSION is all about; a guided tour to some intriguing impressions and experiences . . . in time.

The influence of John Renbourn is evident throughout this album; particularly in the first selection. I used the form of a 16th century pavan to create Master Corwin, complete with bass counter-melody. Lord Chumley's Revege exchanges a signature riff among the instruments creating an explosive cartoon chase. The daily morning rush becomes a hectic ballet in 4 Cups O' Coffee. Doubled unison guitars employ rhythm patterns of 5-5-5-6, 3-3-3-4, and 4-4-4-5, in The Labyrinth. Inspired by Brubeck and the group Oregon, Q.I. takes a simple melody through a 3-3-3-5 rhythm. M' Lady's Jewels depicts a love scene. Madman's Waltz experiments with shifting the emphasis in time, as if one were trying to dance wearing a ball-and-chain. Specters of J.S. Bach emerge from a visiting spaceship in The Swordsman. Named for a piece by early mentor, Peter Lang, Bituminous Waltz provides the parade finale.


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