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OSX for Static IP:

OS 10.1.5 shown

  1. To begin setting up your connection, click on the Apple menu, and select "System Preferences..."

    Click on the Apple
menu and select System Preferences...

  2. Once the System Preferences window loads, click on "Network" to load the Network Preferences.

    Click on Network under
System Preferences

  3. In the Network Preferences pane, set location to "Automatic," and set Show to "Built-In Ethernet."
    Set Configure to "Manually."
    Enter your IP address in the IP Address field in the format For example, if your IP address is 123.12.312.31, you would enter it 123.12.312.31.
    The Subnet Mask should be
    The Router is your Default Gateway Address.
    The Domain Name Servers are and
    The "Search Domain" should be ""
    Except for the Domain Name Server addresses, your screen may look a little different from this image. Next, click on the PPPoE tab.

    TCP/IP settings for Pacbell

  4. In the PPPoE tab, nothing should be checked. Pacbell ADSL through does not use PPP over Ethernet.

    PPP over Ethernet is not used by

  5. Appletalk is not necessary to connect to Leave it off, or turn it on, it does not matter. If you regularly remotely connect to an Appletalk network, you should contact the adminstrator of that network for the appropriate settings.

    Appletalk is not required by

  6. By default, the proxy settings tab is blank. does not require proxy settings. Leave these blank. does not require proxy

    Once you've completed all the settings, click on "Apply Now" to enable the changes.

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