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Tomek Zrabkowski is the devilish guy responsible for a big chunk of the goth scene in poland. He writes for a Warsaw music magazine, and has his own magazine (GhostManiac) and organizes music events.

Tomek has booked several tours in poland for many bands, like land of passion (france) and p.vampire (usa). he introduced us to Nightbreed & Resurrection Records in the U.K., where you can find many of the Venture Beyond Records CD selections.

Tomek's greatest contribution to the gothic cause was gathering together excellent goth/darkwave bands in poland, and scheduling all the recording sessions at a very cool studio just outside Warsaw. We recorded about 3 bands a day. Tomek took care of everything, no problems - just fun for 3 weeks. the result was a very successful dark compilation:

Goth Tales - Vol. I - Night Falls

There was so much good music that many of the bands appear on the second CD also.

Goth Tales - Vol. II - Descend

Tomek is full of energy & good work. If we ever get off our butts, we'll put up some graveyard pics and other stuff from Tomek. . . . or write to Tomek yourself, at GhostManiac, PO Box 437, 00-950 Warszawa Poland 1.


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