Welcome to my webpage! As you can see, it is under massive construction. I have a .jpg of me somewhere... Just too lazy to upload it.. Enjoy. In the meantime, finger me, Then read the rest of my page.

This page and all of its sub-pages have been blackened in protest of the Internet Censorship Bill. (And because black is a nifty color). Click here for a summary of why we are opposed to this bill. (Or whatever the free speech cause of the week happens to be now).

Click here to join the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign.

I am a poet (of sorts). This is a link to my [crappy] poetry page. (Where most of the effort spent on making this page went).
New material as of 5/31/99!!

I seem to be employed by my local newspaper, The Press Democrat. I type Classified ads into the system, especially Real Estate ads.

Names supposedly tell a lot about a person. This is a link to a bit about my name, stolen from another website. You can access it from there.

Obligatory Linkish Stuff:

Break the law! Go here to become a registered international arms trafficker. I'm #395 (waaay back), and, recently, #3946 for good measure.

News for Nerds. (Stuff that matters)

Brunching Shuttlecocks, an interesting site with reviews of various random stuff, and other goodies. A must see.

The Onion contains some pretty keen news stories. Check it out.

Project Uncouth is operated by an old friend of mine. You're all sheep, so go to this site and read some articles and find out why. There might even be stuff by me on there.

Bob The Angry Flower; A spokesman for our lives.

Red Meat; it must be seen to be believed.

This is the music lyrics server, now quite thankfully on a new home. Long live lyrics!.

Bitter men unite! This is a link to Joelogon's how-to guide for men in platonic relationships with women. A must-see.

Click here for the infamous redhead's home page (known in recent times as Aigeanta). Check out the cool poetry, digital art, and photography...

Click on this thingy for Sirreal (Keepiru now), furry freak that he is. Also the world's definitive Future Crew archive, but don't ask him to maintain it, cuz he's a lazy bastard. He's also the guy that got me involved in international arms trafficking (see above).

Look at Wade, aka Eor, aka Simon, aka The Happy Moron, aka The Akira, aka Nelwix the Toaster, aka just a really cool guy to have around and do odd things, know everyone, and spew copious quantities of knowledge.

Click here for Tyler, my oldest friend (since Kindergarten). He's got cool poetry 'n shit.

TURN! The TURN foundation is glorious thing, founded by Devin. I'm pretty sure you can even find a fairly recent pic of me on there, in photo gallery v2.0! (I know it's not the greatest pic, but, hey, if yer desperate to know what I look like...) ABSR-TBN!

I am a person. You can send mail to me. Click on this to send me mail.