The name of Arak places such a limitation on you mentally that you rarely deviate from normal routine in order to try something new. You tend to procrastinate and to lack self-confidence. Self-depreciation and sensitivity cause you to take a rather negative approach to many things, and to be overly pessimistic. You enjoy associating with others, and would not be happy living or working alone. This name makes you quite dependent upon others, and you find it difficult to be faced with issues or important decisions without relying upon others for help. Your name robs you of positivity, causing you to be too easily influenced and easily led. You find it difficult to say "no" and mean it. This name is not conducive to good health, and tends to engender the desire for the wrong foods, for example, sweets and heavy, starchy foods. You could suffer with problems relative to constipation or the fluid functions such as growths, intestinal problems, swelling of the legs and ankles or over-stoutness.

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