The Battle of the Cyborgs

1996 Battle of the Cyborgs By Derek J. Barbee ------------------------------------------------------------------ Time line: 2 weeks after Joseph Decaloix's ³Ascension². ------------------------------------------------------------------ Wham!

Packbell's steel fist slammed into the counter top, leaving a deep gouge. After all Packbell had tried against those wretched Freedom Fighters, they still kept fighting! He fumed. Robotnik had tried to stop the Freedom Fighters, and, as far as Packbell knew, Robotnik had died trying. Snively had tried too, and where was he? Hopefully dead, thought Packbell. But he, Emperor Packbell, would not fail! All his past plans had bit the dust, but this new plan. . . Packbell grinned evilly. This plan would not fail! Sonic couldn't stop a laser-armed cyborg!


The patter of feet raced along the trail to knothole, as a newly deroboticized Charles Hedgehog raced along with important news of Packbellıs new plans. ³I hope Sonic can get to Robotropolis before Packbell activates his plan,² thought Charles, ³because if Packbell activates his plan before Sonic can stop it, there will be trouble. Big trouble.²

A familiar sonic-boom interrupted Charlesı thoughts. Charles smiled. Maybe Sonic could stop Packbellıs evil creation. A blue blur screeched to a stop with an all too familiar sound of sneakers skidding against the ground.

³Hey, Unc! Howıs everything juicinı?²

Sonic the Hedgehog stood before Charles, grinning with his usual attitude.

³Come to get some fresh air? Old Buttnik-Ville is pretty stinky this time of year.² Sonic smirked. ³No big change.²

Charles hurried past Sonic, with a warning. ³Hurry Sonic! To Sallyıs hut! I have important information about Robotropolis and Packbell!

Sonic shrugged. ³Did naughty olı Packbell do something bad again?² asked Sonic, taking on a babyish voice.

Charles called over his shoulder, ³As you said earlier, ŒNo big change!ı Ah, but it is! Packbell is about to unleash a cyborg!²

Sonic juiced alongside Charles, looking confused. ³Cybuwhasis?²

Charles stopped at Sallyıs hut. ³Iıll explain inside!² he said.

Sally looked up as they entered. ³Charles Hedgehog! Good to see you!² She stood up and shook hands. Charles wiped his brow. ³Whew! Thatıs a long run from Robotropolis to Knothole. Maybe being roboticized did have itıs good points!²

Sally frowned. ³Why were you running? Is something new happening at Robotropolis?²

Charles nodded. ³I think you had better sit back down. This is big news.²

Sally sat back down, the frown not leaving her face. ³Iım listening.²

Charles took a deep breath and began. ³Packbell is creating an army of cyborgs to destroy the Great Forest and the Freedom Fighters.²

Before Sonic could ask what a cyborg was, Charles continued. ³A cyborg is a highly intelligent, and highly dangerous robot. Packbell is intent on creating these Œbots and is doing very well. From the information I got at Robotropolis, Packbell should have them activated in three days time. We have got to get to Robotropolis and stop those Œbots!²

Everyone was silent for a moment. Then Sally spoke up. ³Sonic, go get Dulcy. Tell her to get ready to take us to Robotropolis immediately We donıt have a moment to lose!²


Minutes later, Sonic, Sally and Dulcy were winging their way toward Robotropolis. Joseph watched them go through a Spy cam. He clucked his tongue disapprovingly. ³Tsk, tsk! There they go on another of their silly missions. And they didnıt even ask me if I wanted to come! Honestly, Sandra, some people just have no manners whatsoever these days!²

Sandra Nightweaver smiled. ³Of course. The people in Knothole still donıt know what to think about you. Theyıre glad the deroboticizer worked, but they still think youıre odd. Even Sally thinks youıre creepy,² Sandra giggled.

Joseph sighed and turned around. ³Well, itıs not like people of any planet would take an alien in with open arms.²

Sandra took him in her arms. ³Youıre not an alien, youıre just . . . different.² She giggled again. ³But I like you like that.²

Joseph hugged her. ³Oh call it what you want. I like it here.² He brushed back a wave of her hair. ³Because youıre here.²

Sandra nuzzled her mate enjoyably. ³Shall we go join them . . . secretly?²

Joseph looked down at her. ³Would you like too? If you want to, we can go.²

Sandra smiled. ³Letıs. But,² she winked. ³letıs not let them know that weıre there.²

Joseph kissed her. ³If you insist.²

Sandra kissed back. ³I do.² ------------------------------------------------------------------

As Sonic and Sally rode Dulcy to Robotropolis, Sonic never stopped complaining.

³I donıt see why we canıt just go by ourselves. I can get to Robotropolis faster than Dulcy can. And I can carry you.²

Sally shook her head. ³Believe it or not, this mission requires not only speed, but stealth. Do you think that a sonic boom would just be ignored by Packbell? Heıd hear us coming a mile away, knowing how noisy your sonic booms are.²

Dulcy called over her shoulder as they neared Robotropolis. ³We are now entering Robotropolis. Please fasten your seat belts. ITıS GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE!²

Sally held onto the closest thing...Sonic. Sonic held onto a strap that they had recently fastened to Dulcyıs back for a handle when Dulcy landed.

Dulcy landed with her usual grace. She hit the ground, bounced, and bounced again. Despite Sonicıs efforts to hang on, both Sonic and Sally were thrown from Dulcyıs back as she landed. When the dust settled and everyoneıs eyes stopped rattling in their heads, Dulcy moaned a thank you. ³Thank you for riding the Dulcy Express, a non-stop flight to Robotropolis. Please come again.²

Sonic groaned and sat upright. ³Sally,² he said, ³do you have a quarter?²

Sally looked questioningly at Sonic. ³Why do you ask?²

Sonic nursed a bump he had obtained from Dulcyıs landing. ³Iıve gotta call my travel agent. The scenery is nice, but the landings stink.² ------------------------------------------------------------------

Packbell smiled as he focused in on the image of Sonic and Sally walking toward Robotropolis, and Dulcy flying back to Knothole. ³Awwww,² he whimpered falsely, ³did the poor little wretches fall down and get boo-boos on that crummy landing?² He slammed his fist down on his chair, causing the chairıs arm to fall off. ³WELL YOUıRE GONNAı GET HURT WORSE THAN THAT THE SECOND YOU SET FOOT IN ROBOTROPOLIS!²

He looked down at the fallen arm with haughty disdain. ³Those wretched SWATBots can never fix anything,² he thought.

He swiveled the chair around and peered into the shadows. ³Battle Cyborg XX-1, come here,² he snapped. A black shadow seemed to melt from the other shadows and stepped forward. Packbell smiled at the sight of his ultimate creation. ³Now,² he started, ³I have your first mission.²

The shadow seemed to nod in silent recognition.

Packbell pointed a finger at the picture on the monitor of Sonic and Sally approaching. ³These two infidels are outlaws, fugitives refusing to acknowledge my superiority. And even worse, they are intent on destroying me and Robotropolis! They must die!² he hissed.

The ominous shadow nodded again.

³You have your mission, now go!²

The cyborg melted back into the shadow without a sound. Packbell smiled.

³Soon, Freedom Fighters,² he crooned, ³soon.² ------------------------------------------------------------------

There were also two other pairs of eyes following Sonic and Sallyıs approach to Robotropolis. Two pairs of eyes gleamed in the shadows. Two pairs of vulpine eyes. Joseph shook his head. ³The pair of ninnies, theyıre probably walking right into a trap.²

Sandra glanced up at him. ³Do you think we should try to stop them?²

Joseph shook his head. ³Number one, we might get ourselves captured along with them if we do, and then we wouldn't be able to attempt saving them if they were caught. Number Two, they might get angry at us for following them, thinking that they didnıt need any help. After all, ignorance is bliss.²

Sandra seemed to ponder this for a moment. Finally, she spoke. ³So what would the wise one recommend we do?² she asked, using a sarcastic yet playful voice.

Joseph started tickling her. ³The wise one says that you shall pay with laughter for your sarcasm!² he said, using a stiff and posh voice.

³Ack!² yelped Sandra, ³No tickles! Ha ha ha! No! Help! Ha ha ha! Stop you fiend!²

Joseph smiled. ³Actually, I think we should just follow behind in case of an ambush.²

Sandra nodded, still giggling. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Sonic and Sally sneaked along the hallways of Robotropolis, trying to make as little noise as possible. Sonic looked back at Sally obviously annoyed. ³Where on earth are we supposed to find these bolt brains? Weıve been searching here for hours!²

Sally took Nicole from her pocket. ³Nicole,² Sally whispered, ³where are the cyborgs? Can you find them?²


Sonic slapped a hand to his forehead. ³You mean these things can turn invisible? Oh, great, just great! Now you see me, now you donıt! I hate that!²

Sally looked back at Nicole. ³Nicole,² she said, ³you said you could pick up the radiation, do it! We need to find these things and destroy them!²

A light fell on Sonic and Sally and they shielded their eyes. There was a chilling chuckle and Sonic looked up. Packbell stood in the doorway.

³Or,² Packbell replied, ³it might happen the other way around!²

Sonic laughed. ³Hah! You think you can take us? Well guess again, you bucket brain, you.²

Packbellıs eyes slitted to a menacing glare. ³I might not be able to . . . but they will.²

At that moment a figure stepped out of the shadows. Sally gasped. ³Oh, man,² Sonic said. A robot of pure terror stood in full view. At least twice as tall as Sonic, the cyborg was practically bristling with spikes. It had a nose like a hawk and razor sharp claws that both Sonic and Sally did not want to see demonstrated. It had wings of pure steel and a tail. Itıs eyes glowed at the anticipation of a death at itıs hands.

³Battle Cyborg XX-1, meet Sonic and Sally.² Packbell grinned and narrowed his eyes. ³Attack.²

The cyborg let out a shriek and launched itself at Sonic. Sonic leaped out of the way in the nick of time, talons whistling through the air behind him. Deep grooves left by the cyborgıs claws lay in the floor where Sonic had been not seconds ago. Both Sonic and the cyborg whipped around, glaring at each other. All this time, Sally had been stepping back. Suddenly she felt Packbell grab her. ³Gotcha little princess!² he whispered in her ear. She responded with a kick right to his shin, followed by another to his face. he flew back and slammed into the wall.

Meanwhile, a life and death struggle was going on between Sonic and the cyborg. Sonic went into a Sonic Spin and charged at the cyborg. It held out itıs arm and a panel opened in it.


A two foot long blade stood out from itıs arm. Sally could swear she saw it smile. As Sonic leaped at the cyborg, it aimed a tremendous punch at Sonic. The punch wouldnıt have been so bad if it hadnıt been for the blade. Sonic staggered away, breathing heavily, with a slash running from the top of his arm to the bottom.

Suddenly, Nicole did something quite unexpected. A beam of light shot from Nicole and hit the cyborg in the Stomach. It grunted and the locked control panel swung open. Suddenly Sally understood what Nicole was trying to get Sonic to do. ³Sonic!² screamed Sally, ³get the control panel! Nail Œim in the control panel!²

Sonic nodded and started to go into a Sonic Spin again. But before he could do anything, the cyborg aimed itıs arm at Nicole. With a click, and a whirr, a laser gun popped out of the hole. Sonic started to utter a warning but it was too late. A laser beam shot across the room, knocking Nicole from Sallyıs hand. Sally gasped and ran to retrieve Nicole.

The cyborg turned itıs attention back to Sonic. It let out a hiss of surprise as Sonic slammed into it, making a hole right through itıs center. As Sonic passed through it jerked and stood still, with electricity shooting in all directions.

Sally picked up Nicole and fanned away the smoke that was issuing from a hole near Nicoleıs top.

Sally desperately fanned away the smoke, fearing the worst. ³Nicole, speak to me! Are you all right.

An angry bleep came from Nicole. <³WELL WHAT (bzzt) DO YOU THINK? IıVE GOT A HOLE (frzzp) RIGHT THROUGH MY VIEWING SCREEN?²> Sally breathed a sigh of relief. Nicole bleeped again. <³SALLY, THIS IS AMAZING. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM ACTUALLY FEELING AN EMOTION!²> Sally looked surprised.

³And what emotion is that?²

<³(bzzt) ANGER!²>

A beam of light shot from Nicole and hit the cyborg. The cyborg instantly exploded with a loud bang. Everyone stood for a moment and watched the shards of cyborg drift to the floor. The silence was interrupted by a beep from Nicole.


Sonic shook his arm painfully. ³Hey Nicole, can you do anything about this cut that weiner-schnitzel of a Œbot left on my arm?²


Sonic grimaced. ³Oh well, better than nothing, I guess. Do what you can,² he said.

Nicole beeped and sent a beam of white light at Sonicıs arm. Sonic smiled in relief. When the beam stopped, Sonic looked at his arm and grinned. ³Way past cool!² he said, ³I have to see it to realize itıs there!²

They were interrupted by the slam of a door as Packbell locked them in. A chilling laugh ran through the room from a speaker on the wall.

³Hah hah hah! Foolish Freedom Fighters! There are more than one of my cyborgs awaiting my command!² There was a beep of a radio talker being turned on. ³Battle Cyborgs XX-1 through XX-7, converge to floor 8. The Freedom Fighters are here!² Another chuckle. ³Sit tight, Freedom Fighters! My cyborgs will be here any moment now!² There was more demonic laughing and the sound of footsteps leaving.

Sally gasped. ³Weıve got to get out of here!²

Sonic leaped toward the wall. ³Leave it to me Sal, I can get us out!² With a shower of sawdust, and metal chips, Sonic cut right through the wall using a Sonic Spin. In a few minutes Sonic stuck his head through the hole grinning. ³Cımon rowdies! Weıve gotta get our behinds outaı here!²

Sally snorted as she climbed through the wall. ³Rowdies, huh! Look whoıs talking!²

Sonic took a bow and smirked. ³Maıam, you are quite right on that one! No one rowdier than yours truly!²

A laser shot hummed through the air, narrowly missing Sonic. ³Yikes!² he exclaimed.

Two Cyborgs stood in the hall, not five yards away.

Sonic frowned. ³Not you bucket brains again!²

Suddenly as the cyborgs were about to release more laser shots, Sonic could swear he saw a shadow move behind them. Sonic peered into the shadows, searching. ³What in godıs green apples was that?² he thought out loud.

Suddenly Joseph came hurtling through the air and hit a cyborg with a flying kick. The cyborg grunted and itıs shot hit the ceiling by Sally. Sally gasped as Sandra came flying in right behind Joseph, smacking the other cyborg with a punch. The cyborg that had been kicked by Joseph stood back up and fell right back down with a hole through itıs chest, courtesy of Josephıs fist.. Electricity raced all over the cyborg and the electronic pulse detector on itıs chest shot up and down with an enormous amount of electricity shooting out around the cyborg, then stopped pulsing and slowed to a straight line as the cyborg lay still. Meanwhile, Sandra snapped off the other cyborgıs laser and threw it at him. The cyborg opened itıs arm0 and threw a blade at her. She dodged it and hit him with a flying kick. The cyborgıs head flew off and landed near Sallyıs feet. Nicole shot a bolt of energy at it, making it explode. <³I JUST CANıT GET OVER HOW MUCH FUN THAT IS,²> she said happily.

At that point Sonic decided to join in. He flew at the last cyborg that was at this point charging headless at Sandra, and hit it with a Sonic Spin, cutting off a leg. Electricity rapidly shot out of the holes in itıs neck and leg. It stumbled around until Sally finally dispatched it into the Œbot afterlife with a kick to itıs back. Everyone sat around, breathing hard for a moment.

Finally Sonic spoke. ³I think Uncle Chuck should be absolutely sure when he tells us something new is going to happen at Robotropolis. He said these Œbots werenıt going to be activated for three days.²

Everyone nodded. Sally interrupted their nods with a warning. ³We should get going before more of those blasted Œbots find us. Everyone nodded again and started walking towards the main exit of Robotropolis. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Sonic, Sally, Sandra and Joseph made their way away from Robotropolis.

Well,² Sonic said, ³itıs a pity we couldnıt destroy all the cyborgs, but Iım just as glad we made it out of there with our lives.²

Joseph shook his head and smiled. ³Is this the Sonic I know? No way! The Sonic I know always wanted to stay and kick more Œbot butt when we had to leave Robotropolis.²

³Shush up! Those new bots were tough!² replied Sonic defensively, looking down at his cut.

Sandra and Joseph hugged. ³We didnıt think so,² the two vulpines said in harmony. Sonic rolled his eyes and Sally swatted him on the head.

³Thanks for coming to our rescue, guys,² said Sally.

They both looked over at her and smiled. ³Itıs okay,² said Joseph. ³Yeah,² Sandra chimed in, ³it was actually kinda fun.² They looked at each other and hugged again.

As they walked on, Joseph called out to Sonic. ³Hey Sonic!² he called, ³Wanna know how to keep a turkey in suspense?²

³Iıll bite,² said Sonic, ³how?²

³Iıll tell you tomorrow.²

Sonic winced. ³Why you no good . . .² he trailed off and started chasing the rapidly disappearing and laughing Joseph.

Sally and Sandra smiled. ³Males!² they said together. They looked at each other and laughed.

It was a happy group that reached Knothole. Very Happy. ------------------------------------------------------------------ THE END? Certainly not! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Back to Derek's Sonic Stories
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