A Fox and Two Hedgehogs

1996 "A Fox and Two Hedgehogs" By Derek J. Barbee

Any resemblance to actual characters are not coincidental. ; )

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Based on characters and situations created by Sega Corporation, Archie Comics and/or DiC Productions. Bookshire Draftwood appears in this story courtesy of David Pistone Talent Associates.


Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Josh Hogstrom, due to his great reluctance that I use him in this story as my son. (In case you're wondering, I'm Jakkon!) I recommend that you read "The Mercenaries" and "In the Calm of Summer" before reading this story if you want to go in the correct order.


Time Line: A while after "The Calm of Summer."


"Go get the ball, Josh! Go get it!"

Jakkon and Jerena walked through Knothole, keeping a close eye on their children, Josh, Runa and Dakkon. Josh was running after a ball that Jakkon had thrown, but every time he tried to pick it up, he would just fall on it and end up rolling over and landing on his head. This didn't bother him at all, he just continued chasing the ball. Runa was walking alongside Jerena, holding her hand and watching as butterflies and other signs of summer passed her by. Dakkon was running towards every object that it was possible to hide behind, finding out some quite interesting hiding places in the process. Dakkon was a born tracker and spy, he loved to hide from everyone. He had picked that up from his father.

Colin was walking down the street, accompanied by Chris and Andrew, when he saw Jakkon and the rest of the family coming down the road. Colin smiled. He had taken a liking to the one called Josh, even though Josh had peed on Colin on first sight.

"Well, well!" said Colin moseying over towards Jakkon. "Taking the family out for a stroll?"

Jerena smiled and ran a finger under Colin's chin, making him jerk. "Yes, were are," she said.

Colin rubbed his chin. "I hate it when she does that."

Jakkon spread his arms wide. "I don't!"

"Yeah, but you're married."

"And very happily, too."

They were interrupted as Sonic sped past them, hollering at the top of his lungs. "Everyone who wants to get the latest news, we're having a news meeting in the recreation room! Be there to find out what's been happening lately!"

Jerena glanced at Jakkon. "Do you want to go to that, darling?"

Jakkon shrugged. "If ya want to, sure. It never hurt anyone to learn a bit of news now and then."

Chris flew overhead, followed by Andrew, who was doing his best to keep up, even though he couldn't fly. Chris chattered down at them: "Jakkon going to hear news? Me going!" He looked smugly down at Andrew. "Andrew coming, too," he said, "if he can keep up!"

Andrew tipped his hat to Jerena as he passed. Jerena smiled as he went by and shook her head.

"What's going on here? she demanded. "When you four got here, you were just a bunch of hooligans."

"Until ya married me," added Jakkon. "Ya shaped me up hecka quick!"

"Anyway," continued Jerena, "now you're all so well mannered! What's going on? Did I miss something?"

Jakkon planted a kiss on her cheek. "Ya didn't miss anything, my dear. I just asked the blighters ta be nice ta ya on our anniversary."

Jerena picked up Runa and began heading for the recreation room. "You romantic devil, you."

Jakkon grabbed Dakkon as he ran past and called to Josh. "C'mon, I'd like ta hear this."

When they got inside, the place was packed. Surprisingly, some seats had been reserved for them. They sat down as Sonic came out on the platform and began.

"Ladies, gentleman," started Sonic, "and Antoine."

Antoine glared.

Sonic continued, smiling now. "We welcome you to another episode of Knothole News. We'll start as we usually do. Would anyone from the audience like to say something?"

Josh tugged on Jakkon's tail. Jakkon looked down. "Easy on the bally brush, lad. What is it?"

Josh pointed towards the platform. "Me wanna say something! Me wanna say something!" he cried, jumping up and down.

Jakkon shrugged. "Go ahead."

Josh ran out into the isle and headed for the platform. A brief murmur of surprise and recognition passed throughout the crowd when they saw the little toddler running up to the microphone. Sonic stepped aside when Josh made it to the microphone.

Josh looked around, then up at the microphone. It was over two feet above his head. He tugged at the stand, looked up, trying to rattle it and shake it. Finally, he took a step back and kicked the stand. The microphone fell to the ground with a clatter and Josh picked it up with his tiny paws. He bowed to the crowd.

A round of applause for the clever little kit echoed throughout the room.

"That little fox of ours is no idiot, that's for sure," Jakkon whispered to Jerena.

Jerena nodded and kept silent, a smile dancing on her lips.

"Wadies and Jellybeans," began Josh in his baby voice, "I come before you to stand behind you to tell you about something I know nothing about. On Wednesday, the day before Tuesday, there will be a wadies luncheon for men only."

People began to laugh at this ridiculous statement. Josh continued, enjoying himself immensely.

"There are pwenty of seats, you can sit on da fwoor, admission is fwee, you can pay at da door. Now excuse me, I have to go potty."

Josh took another bow as an enormous round of applause erupted from the croud. Josh set down the microphone and ran quickly off the stage. As he ran down the isle, Colin picked him up, laughing.

"You young little rip! Where did you learn that? You gotta' go potty!" he laughed again.

Josh shook his small head. "Not anymore."

Colin froze. Jakkon walked over to them, smiling.

"I don't need to ask," he said.

Colin looked down. "He peed on me again!"


Andrew sighed in disgust as he watched Colin desperately trying to catch Violet, a female Hedgehog's attention. Andrew knew that Violet knew what Colin was trying to do, and Andrew knew that Violet was enjoying this situation. Colin had tried almost everything he could think of. He stood watching Violet, trying in vain to think of something new. Colin perked up, and Andrew knew what he was going to do.

"The direct approach," thought Andrew, shaking his head.

Colin got to a position where Violet crossed his path. When she did, Colin grinned.

"Hey, babe," he said, "goin' my way?"

Violet slapped him and strode off.

Colin walked dizzily around in circles until he came over to Andrew. "Whew!" gasped Colin, leaning against a tree. "I think she likes me!"

Andrew rolled his eyes. "Dream on, lover boy."

Colin steadied himself and stared straight at Andrew. "Hmph. I don't see you trying any of this," he snapped. "It's not as easy as it looks," he added, rubbing his cheek.

Andrew walked off, waving his hand. "I leave that to you and Jakkon."

Colin shrugged and went off to try again.


Jakkon and Jerena sat with the kits out in a field, talking. Jakkon had obviously enjoyed Josh's poem, and was laughing.

"There are plenty of seats, you can sit on the floor, admission is free, you can pay at the door!" repeated Jakkon, laughing. He ruffled Josh's ears. "Where did you learn that?"

The small, red fox kept quiet, obviously not wanting to tell his secret. He looked at Jakkon with big brown eyes, pulled his paw out of his mouth and replied: "I wuz born fer show business!"

Jerena smiled at him. "I couldn't have said it better myself."

Jakkon let out a yodel. "Must have been passed on. I had a great voice in my days."

Jerena raised an eyebrow, highly amused. "Is that so?"

Jakkon hummed. "Ya bet."

"Then let's hear something now. It's been a while since I heard a good song."

Jakkon thought for a moment, then began reciting a poem he had heard years ago. "Late one night in the middle of the day, two dead boys got up ta play. Back ta back, they faced each other, drew their knives and shot each other. If ya don't believe this tale is true, ask the blind man, he saw it, too!"

Jerena groaned. "Something other than corny poems!" she pleaded.

Jakkon took on a poetic stance. "Her beauty hangs upon the cheek of the night." he recited smoothly.

"As long as it's not a butt cheek, I guess that's okay."

Jakkon changed his stance and spoke again. "If the world were an ice cream sundae, ya would be the cherry."

Jerena shook her head, smiling. "Always one for comebacks, weren't you?"

"And romantic ones, too."

Jerena rested her chin on her hand. "Tell me another one."

Jakkon coughed. "Very well," he began. "I made this poem especially for our anniversary, so I hope ya like it.

Beautiful and precise, Full of love and spice, What is the answer? The answer is Jerena. Never lacking personality, always the hottest in the community, What is the answer? The answer is Jerena. The moment you see her, you're hooked, I was, when I looked, What is the answer? The answer is Jerena."

Jakkon laid a hand on Jerena's shoulder. "Happy Anniversary, my dear."


Colin sighed from his spot in the bushes as he watched Jakkon and Jerena embrace. He turned away, feeling sad. He looked up at the stars, wondering. His look of wonder turned to a frown as he watched and nothing happened.

"Well?" he thought up to the stars, "Can I get lucky like Jakkon, too?"

The stars didn't answer.

"Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone up there," he thought angrily. "I mean, c'mon, give me a sign!"

Something he saw out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked over and grinned. Violet, a female Hedgehog walked past him, giving him a wink as she passed. Colin stared after her, still grinning. He started after her but stopped. He looked up at the night sky.

"Thank you for your prompt reply," he whispered gleefully, then ran off after Violet.


"Hello, Colin," said Violet, batting her eyelashes.

"Hello to you, too," replied Colin. "He seemed to hesitate for a moment, then spoke. "Are you busy on Friday?"

Violet flashed a smile in his direction and answered. "No. Did you have something in mind?"

"As a matter of fact, I did. How about coming over to my place on Friday for dinner?"

Violet paused, as if considering the option, then nodded. "I'll be there."

Colin smiled. "Great!" he said.

"See you on Friday!" called Violet as she went off to her hut.

Colin looked up at the stars in a strange manner. "Maybe there is someone up there after all," he murmured.


The next morning, Violet was sitting in a clearing not far from Robotropolis, deep in thought. Her father had died a week ago, leaving her rather lonely. She sighed. In these situations, there was only one way to erase all the frustration and loneliness. To find another person to love. Colin came to mind.

A sharp crack from the bushes made her jump. She glanced unsteadily at the surrounding undergrowth, not sure what had made the sound. An all too familiar monotone voice made her freeze.


Two SWATBots had snuck up on her while she wasn't paying attention! She tried to run, but a net shot from one of the SWATBots wrapped around her and bore her to the ground. She screamed as the SWATBots closed in.


Colin was walking around the same area as Violet when he heard the scream. At first, he wasn't sure if Andrew, Chris, and Jakkon were playing a joke on him. The scream rent the air again. Colin's eyes widened.

That was Violet screaming!

He flew through the bushes and shrubs like a hurricane, mowing down anything in his way. When he reached the clearing, he gasped. The SWATBots were about to grab Violet!

Colin crouched in a Ni-San position and leaped at the SWATBot closest to Violet. He came in contact with the SWATBot with surprising force, sending it flying into the bushes. Colin turned to face the other SWATBot, greeting it with a full roundhouse. He left a dent in the SWATBot's head, making in stagger. Colin then leaped into the air and came down on the SWATBot's chest, slamming it into the ground. With a small leap, Colin jumped off the SWATBot and grabbed the SWATBot's feet which were sticking up in the air. He brought the SWATBot over his head, carrying it by its feet. The SWATBot hit ground with a clang.

Colin turned away, satisfied. As he did, he connected with the other SWATBot's fist, making him sway, unsteadily. The SWATBot leveled it's arm straight with Colin's chest and a panel opened on its arm. A small laser gun popped out and began to gain energy, readying itself to fire.

Colin took a deep breath and did a back flip, kicking out with his feet as he did so. The SWATBot flew backwards, smashing its head against a tree.

Colin just stood there, breathing heavily, staring at the two SWATBots that lay on the ground, electricity rippling over them. Violet rushed over and embraced him, almost crying.

"Oh, Colin!" she whispered.

Colin returned the embrace and looked down at her. They kissed as the first bystanders came to see what had made all the noise.