1997 Aliens Part #2 "Lost In Time" By Derek J. Barbee

Any resemblance to actual characters are not coincidental. ; )

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Authoršs Note: Okay! Here we go with the second part of Aliens! Once again, all I have is the title doodad for illustartions. Bummer, but it'll have to do.


Far off on two completely different dimensions, six voices echoed the same thought.

"Where are we?"




The world around Jakkon and the Mercenaries blurred and swirled as they began to transport to a different time. Everyone fell to their knees as a loud shrieking noise filled the air.

Then . . . just as quickly as it had begun, the noise stopped. Jakkon slowly opened his eyes. "Hey . . . guys?"

Colin groaned and sat up. "I never wanna do that again!"

Chris chirped and tried to stand up straight. "What _was_ that?"

"Yeah," said Andrew. "That's what I'd like to know!"

Jakkon got to his feet and looked around. "Weird blinkin' thing. I wonder where we are?"

"It looks like Mobius," said Colin. "This is the same clearing we were in!"

"Yeah, but it looks . . . different somehow," murmured Jakkon. "As if it were the same clearing, but . . ." he sighed in frustration. "I just can't put my finger on the bally thing!"

"Maybe we've gone to a parallel universe?" suggested Colin.

"It's a possibility. I think we need ta take a look at the populace before we start our bally suspicions."

"Start our suspicions?" asked Colin incredulously.

"Ya know what I mean!"


"Look! There's somebody!"

Everyone crowded around the hole in the bushes.

"He looks normal enough!"

"Hmph! Except for the clothes!"

"People will be people!"

"And what is _that_ supposed to mean?"

"Would ya guys shut up?" hissed Jakkon. "We are collecting information, and we are supposed ta be doing it quietly!"

"Sounds more like spying to me!" snorted Colin.

Jakkon smirked. "Hey. Nobody's perfect!"

He turned his attention back to the sturdy squirrel walking down the road. "I have an idea. Follow my lead."

With that, Jakkon strode right out into the open, heading for the squirrel.

"Is he crazy?" hissed Colin. "We don't know who that is, much less where we are!"

Never the less, they followed Jakkon out into the road. "Excuse me there, sir!" called Jakkon in a pleasant voice. "Could ya perchance tell us where we are?"

"He gets right to the point, doesn't he?" mumbled Colin.

The squirrel eyed Jakkon warily. "Aye, I reckon you ain't from around here! You wear strange garb, stranger!"

"Speaking of weird clothes," said Colin under his breath.

The squirrel was wearing bright silver clothing, black boots and shades.

Jakkon elbowed Colin sharply. "Yes, we are not from around here."

The squirrel nodded in acknowledgement. "Well, ye are in the rebel city of Knothole."

Colin made a choking noise. "When did Knothole get upgraded?"

"Ah, ye have heard of it?" asked the squirrel, smiling. "We are constantly under attack by the evil dictator named Robotnik and his bonnie' android Packbell."

Jakkon found it hard to control his anger. "Packbell? The android is still alive?"

"Aye, much to our displeasure."

"Who is in control here in Knothole?" asked Andrew, butting in.

"That would be King Sonic Hedgehog and Queen Sally Acorn."

Jakkon nodded his thanks. "Thank ya for yer help. We'll be going now."

The squirrel stuck out a hand. "Aye. Name's Nate. Nate Klug. Need any more help, just call."

Nate headed off with a wave, leaving Jakkon fuming. "Soooo . . . Packbell is back in action, hmm?"

Colin got a knowing look. "C'mon, Jakkon, this is no time to be off parading trying to kill that stupid robot _again_."

"Yeah, just let it be for now!" Andrew chimed in.

Never the less, Jakkon stalked off, still steaming. Colin shrugged. "I dunno. When he gets like that, it's a bit dangerous to be around him."

"Maybe he constipated," said Chris.


Everyone just dissolved into laughter.


When everyone caught up with Jakko, he caught them all by surprise by whipping around to face them. Colin stumbled and almost tripped while Chris veered off course and Andrew did trip.

"What was _that_ for?" asked Colin.

Jakkon shrugged. "Eh. I just wanted ta do it."

He turned back to his normal manner and headed for a shop titled "Clothing and Other Such Things".

"What are we doing here?" asked Colin. "This is no time to be buying some new pantyhose for your wardrobe!"

"Ahhh, shut up. What we're doing here is getting some disguises. Ya know, try and blend in a bit. Ya heard that weirdo Nate say that we wore strange clothes!"

"Ahh, you wear strange garb, strangers!" said Colin in a perfect imitation of the Swedish Squirrel.

"Sooooo," Jakkon entered the shop, "we need ta get some bally funked up threads that fit in with these times!"

"Ooooo! Bally funked up threads! Have ah ever yu what uh command o' the language yu have, dude?" said Colin in a street punk voice.

"Oh, put a sock in it!"

Andrew fondled some silk sweaters. "Cool."

Colin picked out a leather jacket but Jakkon snatched it from him and put it back. "Not those! For now stick ta somethin' that royalty would wear!"

Colin raised an eyebrow. "Royalty?"

Jakkon grinned mischievously. "It's all part of my plan!"

"Would you mind letting us in on this so called 'plan', there, bro?"

"In good time, my friends, in good time."


Colin looked down at himself. "This is pathetic!"

Jakkon adjusted a feather on his hat. "What is?"

Colin gestured at his outfit. "This . . . this . . . monkey suit!"

Jakkon glared over at him impatiently. "It's a prince advisor's royal gown. Wear it."

"Gown? I thought only girls were supposed to wear gowns!"

"All right, it's a prince advisor's royal _garment_! Satisifed?"

Colin harumphed. "That still doesn't change what you originally said!"

"Oh, hush," snapped Jakkon. "It looks good on you!"

"I still think that purple polka-dots aren't my color!"

Colin was wearing a long robe-like cloth of purple silk with red dots speckled all over it. And to top it off, he had a hat that hung down over his eyes.

"Prince Advisor's garment, _my left foot_!"

Jakkon adjusted his tie and started walking. "Come."

"And meet your doom!" cackled Andrew, finishing his sentence.

"That's _not_ what I was going to say!" snarled Jakkon.

They were walking down the street when Colin hurried up beside Jakkon.

"What is it now?" asked Jakkon, annoyed.

"It's Sean!"

"Sean? Who's Sean?"

"From back in our time! Remember that ferret that always wore that weird hat? It's him!"

"Ohhhhhh! _That_ Sean!" said Jakkon, smiling.

Colin took a hurried glance behind him. "This is no time for jokes! I think he recognized me! And he's coming over!"

"So act like you've never seen him before in your life! It's not that hard!"

Colin looked behind him to see a tall ferret coming over to him.

"Hey! You!"

Colin put on an inocent face and tried to hide in his oversized robe. "Who? Me?

"No, the other weirdo with the funky hat on! Do I know you?"

"Me? No!"


Jakkon stood in front of an sizable palace, satisfied. The palace was extremely spacious, reaching a height of over a hundred feet. It had an outer wall that had guards stationed there. A gate led into the grounds behind the wall.

"Undoubtably the grand palace of the House of Acorn," said Jakkon. He paused. "Okay, I'm inpressed."

"But what are we doing _now_?" asked Colin. "I mean why come here? We should be trying to get back!" He took a suspicious look around. "Besides, I almost didn't manage to get rid of Sean! This is getting dangerous, Jakkon! Do you know what damage we could do to the timestream?"

Jakkon shrugged. "Eh. No matter. And I'm trying to get us back right now! So follow my bally lead."

As they were about to enter the gates, two burly guards stepped in their way, a wolverine and an otter. "What is your business here?" asked the otter with a rough voice.

Jakkon stood up straight. "The Prince of Mordon is here to see their majesties!" he said with a dignified air. He tried his hardest to lose his accent for this part. He gestured to Colin, Chris and Andrew. "With my primary advisors of course."

The otter raised an eyebrow, smiling now. "Oh, really?"

Jakkon glowered. "If you continue this, I shall have you flogged, you peasant!"

The wolverine eyed the four suspicious characters, then nodded. "All right." He turned and whistled loudly. Almost immediately, three armed guards and a palace advisor appeared.

The advisor bowed. "Follow me, please."

As they walked down the hall, Colin whispered to Jakkon: "How did you know that would work?"

Jakkon shrugged. "I've practiced it. And besides, palace guards are taught ta let royalty enter first."

"Yeah, but who's ever heard of a land called _Mordon_?"

"I have."


The advisor took them through a great hall with elegant tapestries and suits of armor. Finally they came to a gigantic door, which the advisor knocked upon.

"Who is it?" came a soft voice from within.

"The Prince of Mordon is here to see their majesties," replied the advisor. He hesitated. "With his primary advisors, of course."

"Of course."

The door opened, revealing an exquiste room filled with rarities and fine foods.

But the thing that caught everyone's eye the most was two animals sitting on thrones in the center of the room. It was Sonic and Sally!

The four supposed 'primary advisors and prince' stood astounded for a moment, until Jakkon fell into a deep bow. The others blinked a few seconds more, then followed their example.

"You may rise," said Queen Sally. "State your business."

Jakkon waved a hand nonchalantly. "Ahh, your majesties. I have no business except simple passing through! I was on my way back to my homeland, Mordon, when I noticed your kingdom and decided to stop by."

King Sonic nodded. "Well, all our delicacies are at your service, should you require them!"

Jakkon posed thoughtfully. "Well, we do have one small problem that we could use some help with . . ."

"And what is that?" asked Queen Sally.

Jakkon took off his hat and dropped his accent. "Gettin' back home!"

There was a sharp intake of breath from both King Sonic and Queen Sally as they saw the familiar eyepatch. "Jakkon?" breathed King Sonic. Then he burst out laughing.

"Oh ho! That was the best one you've played on me yet!" He gestured to Colin, Chris and Andrew. "And know doubt that this is Colin, Chris and Andrew?"

Everyone shakliy took off their hats, revealing their real faces.

Queen Sally put on a friendly, but quizzical look. "Jakkon? Is this some new invention? You look about twenty years younger!"

Jakkon shook his head. "I don't _look_ twenty years younger, Sal. I _am_ twenty years younger."


Jakkon sighed. "Could ya do me a favor? Ask the guards ta summon Jakkon and his son."

"But . . ." stuttered Queen Sally, "you're right here!"

"Just do it."

Sally shook her head and pressed a button next to her on the throne. "Ramon? Would you summon the defense instructor, please?"

Chris landed on Jakkon's shoulder. "Defense instructor?"

Jakkon shrugged. "Ya know just as much as I do."

Shortly after Queen Sally called for the older Jakkon, the doors opened, revealing a fox. The fox was tall, with a few long strands of grey hair hanging over his eyes. Probably the most confirming feature was the eypatch over the fox's left eye.

A Jakkon that was twenty years older than the regular Jakkon strode into the room. "Yeah, Sal? Why'd ya call me? I was just about ta give Josh some fencing lessons!"

Colin jumped. "Wha?"

King Sonic stared. "What the heck?"

The older Jakkon, seeing their suprised faces looked over at the regular Jakkon. "Hey! Who're _you_?"

Jakkon jabbed a finger at Jakkon. "I am yer younger self!"

Jakkon crossed his arms. "Oh really, now?"

"Okay! I'll prove it!"

"I'm dying ta hear it."

Jakkon got a mischevous look on his face. "You chased every girl in every town ya came inta while ya were a mercenary! Including Katrina, Jennifer, Michelle, Titanya. . ."

Jakkon's face reddened. "That's enough! Just how did ya get here?"

Jakkon spread his arms. "Time travel! How else?"

"Bull. If what ya say is true, that's practically impossible! We're in the _future_ and we haven't invented time travel yet!"

Jakkon sighed. "Really! Must you be so naive? You know that this is happening because it happened to you about twenty years ago! Think about it. Yer me. Meaning you experienced everything that I have. I'm experiencing this, meaning that you did, too, twenty years ago!"

Jakkon's whisker's drooped. "All right. Yer right. I remember saying exactly what yer saying right now." He glared at Jakkon. "And I remember what I was thinking just then, so shut up!"

"Who, me?" asked Jakkon inocently.

King Sonic interrupted the two Jakkons with a loud cough. "Excuse me, but you're from the past?"

The past Jakkon nodded. "Yup."

"How? I mean, why? How did you get here?"

The past Jakkon looked at the future Jakkon. "Didn't you tell them what happened?"

"Noooooot exactly," admitted the future Jakkon. "But that means neither will you!" he added.

"Both of you are gulity as charged!" cried Colin, slamming his fist into his palm in a comical sort of way.

"Ah, shut up," said both Jakkons.


"So," said the past Jakkon, "How much has changed in twenty years?"

The two Jakkons and the rest of the mercenaries were walking through Knothole, talking. King Sonic and Queen Sally had insisted on staying for, after all, they had a kingdom to look over. The future Jakkon had promised the past Jakkon that he would show them the Mobius that he knew.

The future Jakkon looked over at the past Jakkon from under his waves of grey hair. "Well, let's see. We're still fighting Robotnik, that hasn't changed. And he rebuilt Packbell, too."

"So I heard," growled the past Jakkon, grinding his teeth.

"Me wouldn't start in on the Packbell thing just now," said Chris, flying along side them.

The future Jakkon laughed. "That little solo raid was fun, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," agreed the past Jakkon.

"Except for the Jerena bit."

The two walked silently for a while after mentioning that incident.

"So, how _is_ Jerena?" asked the past Jakkon.

"Still as dang beautiful as ever," replied the future Jakkon with a grin.

Jakkon smiled. "But you forget one of the great philosophies of our time, my good and quick tempered split personality! Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. 'Yes' is the answer!"

The future Jakkon gave a lighthearted laugh. "Ah, but how about this good bit of advice? A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn!"

Colin laughed. "Oh ho! Wits contest! I wanna join!"

Soon everyone was throwing in philosophies, jokes and things that were just plain silly.

"Paul's Law -- You can't fall off the floor!"

"You can lead a horse to water, but if you can get him to float on his back, you've got something!"

"If sign makers go on strike, is there anything written on their signs?"

"If a fly couldn't fly, would it be called a walk?"

"Should vegetarians eat animal crackers?"

"If bankers can count, how come they have eight windows and four tellers?"

"Pro is to con as progress is to congress!"

"If builders built buildings the way that programmers programmed programs, the first woodpecker that came along could destroy civilization!"

Everyone paused momentarily as Andrew tripped on a root in the road.

The past Jakkon raised a finger. "They say that you have the capacity to learn from your mistakes. In other words, you'll learn a lot today."


"And what about some of the other people?" asked the past Jakkon. "How's Josh, Dakkon and Runa?" He laughed. "Is that weirdo Ashely still around?"

The future Jakkon laughed, too. "Ashely died years ago! That one never was no beautiful maiden, was she?"

"Yeah, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight ta the bone!"


"So, what about my young ones?"

"Ah! _Our_ young ones!" corrected the future Jakkon. "They're growing every day. Dakkon has become an artist, Runa a model. Josh is even thinking about getting married!"

"Whoa! That's big time stuff! Ta who?"

"A vixen named Emily. Red one, and quite the bally good looking one!" The future Jakkon whistled. "Wow."

The past Jakkon sighed. "They do grow up fast, don't they?"

"As a matter of fact, here comes Josh now!"

The past Jakkon whipped around. Two foxes came up an adjoining path, a vixen and a male.

The male had extremely long hair that seemed to cover his eyes in an appealing sort of way. He carried a fencing sword with him. The vixen was small and curvaceous with red hair.

Josh stopped in his tracks, looking back and forth between the past and future Jakkon's.

"Father?" he asked in an odd voice.

The past Jakkon sighed. "Yes and no."


The future Jakkon put a hand on Josh's shoulder. "Son, remember our little secret? When I told ya about the time that I went forward in time with Colin, Chris and Andrew? Well, it's happening right now." He gestured toward the other Jakkon, who bowed. "This is me. At least, me from about twenty years ago."

Josh looked at the past Jakkon. "So you are he? Er, he is you? You are him? Him is . . . aghhhhh!"

The future Jakkon smiled. "Confusing, ain't it?"

"You said it!"

The past Jakkon clapped his hands. "So m'boy, er . . . Josh, how about introducing us ta . . ." He made a gesture towards Emily, who had been standing patiently this whole time.

"Oh! Father and other father . . . this is Emily."

Emily smiled and made a deep bow, giving everyone an interesting view. Colin's jaw hung slack until the past Jakkon elbowed him sharply.

"Emily!" smiled Josh. "No need for that!"

'Well, actually, I . . ." started Colin.


The past Jakkon elbowed him again, sharper this time. "What he meant ta say is, he's glad ta see that Josh is worthy of such a girl."

"I did?" murmured Colin, still catching his breath.

Jakkon's grip on Colin's shoulder was like a vise. "_Yes, ya did_. _Remember_?

"Oh," winced Colin, "right!"

Emily laughed, a high tinkling sound. "I don't know what to say."

"Actually, it's better that you didn't," said an all too familiar voice.

Everyone whirled around to see a large human, suspended by a rocket pack floating not five yards away. It was Robotnik.

"I like my victims motionless," said Robotnik. "It makes them so much easier to catch."

There was a roaring sound and Packbell came flying out of the trees. He laughed evilly and a metal blade popped out of his arm. "Ah, hello! Jakkon, we meet again!"

The second Jakkon stepped forward. "Oh yeah, ya putz? Well now there's two of us!" He shrugged. "What ya gonna do 'bout it?"

Robotnik studied the almost identical two foxes. "Ahhhh, one fool, two fools, no matter. You all die!"

Jakkon crossed his arms with a bored look. "Yeaaahhhh, right. You and what army?"

Robotnik smiled from ear to ear. "You're about to find out, fox!"

There was a rumbling sound and the ground started shaking. Out of the trees roared over a dozen man-like machines. They were Battle Cyborgs the size of buildings! They stood over twelve feet tall, bristling with spikes. They had a slightly scorpion-like appearance, like a half human, half scorpion, all metal machine. The leader was bright red.

Packbell pointed to the seven animals standing stupefied at the size and force of this army. "Battle Cyborgs! Attack!"

The future Jakkon quickly pulled out the laser gun that he had in his hip holster and fired. Robotnik raised a hand and the bolt was deflected. "Pathetic," he gloated.

A Battle Cyborg made a swipe at the small assembled group, making everyone dive for cover as the gigantic hand left a crater in the ground. The future Jakkon tried to fire another shot but a cyborg merely picked him up and threw him the length of a football field. At least, that's how far he would have gone if there hadn't been a tree in the way.

"FATHER!" screamed Josh leaping towards the limp form.

A cyborg turned and fired a laser shot the size of a tree. Josh was vaporized instantly.

Colin ran and Chris flew off, with cyborgs lumbering after them. Andrew picked up a stick and whacked one of the feet of a battle cyborg as hard as he could. The stick just smashed itself to splinters. Andrew looked up and was grazed by the fist of the cyborg. But it was enough to throw him off his feet. He lay on the ground, stunned, but alive, which is more than could be said for some of the others.

Just seconds later, the weeping Emily was crushed under the foot of a cyborg. Jakkon preferred not to look. As he looked away, he was suddenly grabbed by Robotnik.

Jakkon struggled, but Robotnik just smiled. "No matter how much you worked out, you can never be stronger than these new cyber arms!"

"Oh yeah?" yelled Jakkon, kicking Robotnik hard.

Robotnik coughed and dropped Jakkon, who scrambled away. For about five seconds. Jakkon found himself stuck in the iron fist of a Battle Cyborg who picked him up and held him at eye level with the glowing red orbs in its head that were its eyes.

Packbell floated up, blades spinning. "Ah, hello! Anyone for a game of 'Chopped Meat'?"

Jakkon glared defiantly at Packbell. "Just tell me one freakin' thing."

Packbell sighed. "Oh, you are a bore, aren't you? Very well."

Jakkon looked at his captor. "How did ya get these blinkin' cyborgs this size? Put caffeine in their systems?"

Robotnik roared over. "Ah that would be me. I sent out a SWATBot patrol that discovered a small mechanism that, when induced to a robot's system could make it grow to collosal size. I merely duplicated it for each Battle Cyborg."

"When and where did ya find this . . . device?"

"I found it on July 13, twenty years ago. It was sitting half buried around the south edge of the Great Forest. I just put them into the cyborgs . . ."

"Why are you telling him this?" snapped Packbell.

"What good will it do him?" snarled Robotnik. "He'll be dead in a few seconds!"

Jakkon was about to sharply reply to that when a familiar voice, wavering at the edge of annoyance, drifted over to the android, fox and half human, half robot man.

"Oh miiiister snotheeeeeaaaaads!"

Everyone looked down.

Andrew stood at the base of the cyborg's foot, filing his nails and looking innocent. "Looking for me?"

Robotnik aimed a laser at him. "Not particularly, but what the heck!"

Andrew held up a hand. "Wait! Before you do that, I'd like to tell you something."

"What's that?" growled Robotnik.

"There is a bomb attached to this cyborgs foot and is set to go off in . . ." Andrew looked at the cyborg's foot closely. ". . . six seconds."

"Everyone ditch!"

Robotnik and Packbell dove out of the way as the cyborg exploded, showering bits of metal down on them. Jakkon just plain went flying.

"Oof!" said Jakkon as he hit the ground.

Andrew dashed over and helped him up, urging him to run. "C'mon, let's blow Joe!"

"Whoof! My name ain't Joe!" said Jakkon, stumbling. "And couldn't ya have picked another way ta get me down?"

"If you'd rather stay and play Packbell's little 'Chopped Meat' game, be my guest!" said Andrew, running ahead.

"Good point!" muttered Jakkon, increasing his speed.

"AFTER THEM!!" Robotnik yelled at the remaining cyborgs.

With an earthshaking rumble, the chase was on.

"Where are Colin and Chris?" asked Jakkon as he ran.

"Up ahead," puffed Andrew. "They escaped the cyborgs and found their way back here, where Colin gave me the bomb."

"Where'd he hide the bally thing, anyway? In his quills?"



Chris shook his head and twittered sadly. "Sad fate these Mobians face," he chirped as everyone watched the remaining citizens being herded by the cyborgs onto a transport ship.

Jakkon nodded. "Aye. All of them will either be made examples of or roboticized, that's for sure."

Andrew looked around. "Say, what happened to Sonic and Sally, anyway?"

"Their royal highnesses met the same fate as many others today," said Colin, pointing at the heap of rubble which had been the palace that Jakkon and the Mercenaries had entered not an hour ago.

"So, said Jakkon, leaning back, "anyone know how we're getting home?"

>I believe I do.<

Everyone jumped as Lockbar Tihiggn materialized in the center of the clearing they had been hiding in.

Colin put a hand on his heart. "Whew! You gotta warn me when you do that!"

Tihiggn bowed. >I am sorry, but we must leave very quickly.<

"What?" asked Jakkon increduously. "And leave all these citizens ta die in the hands of Robotnik?" He gestured to the animals being herded into the transport. "Never!"

>If you go back and try to change what you do in your time, none of this will ever have happened.<

"Oh. I never thought of that."

Tihiggn waved his hands. >Then here we go!<

Everything around them disappeared in a flash of multicolored light. Their surroundings slowly reappeared, but this time they were in a familiar clearing. The one that they had been transported from the night where Solang came down.

Jakkon immediately began running for Rotor's hut. 'We have to let them know our plan!"

"Our plan?" asked Colin.

Jakkon grinned. "Oh, sorry. _My_ plan."

Everyone groaned and ran after him.

"All right, all right!' said Colin. "Our plan! But what is _our_ plan?"

"I'll tell you when we get there!"

Lockbar Tihiggn, protector of the planet Mobius watched them go. He turned away and looked up at the stars. A lone star seemed to glitter brighter than the others. The star suddenly shot out of multicolored light which enveloped Tihiggn. Tihiggn raised his arms.

A moment later he was gone.


A SWATBot patrol wandered throughout the edge of the southern border of the Great Forest, completing its nightly patrol. One of them abruptly raised a hand, attracting the others. "OVER HERE!" it said in its monotone voice.

The others crowded around as the SWATBot uncovered a small, rectangular object from the dirt that gleamed in the moolight.

The SWATBot started walking back over to their hovercraft ship, signaling for the others to come.The SWATBot jerked suddenly, and fell to the ground.

"Hallo boys! Out for a bally moonlight stroll?"

Jakkon and the Mercenaries hopped out of the bushes, guns firing. The SWATBots attempted to fire back but failed under the heavy fire.

Jakkon stooped down and picked up the small rectangular object that could change the future so indefinitely.

"Well," said Colin, "there it is."

Jakkon nodded. "And we have no choice but to destroy it." He quickly flung the thing up into the air and shot up with a laser beam, disintegrating it.

Andrew put a hand on his shoulder. "It's all right. The future is now changed. That horrible experience will never take place."

"True," Jakkon sighed. 'So true, so true."

"I just hope that Sonic and Sally make it home okay."