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          What's the point in having an opinion if you don't express it? I came to live by this motto after I saw just how pointless it was to protest against something silently. If you have a complaint and nobody hears it, nothing gets changed. Silent rebellion is incredibly inefficient.

          Warning: These are all my opinions, and you might not agree with them. If you don't, fine, if you do, fine. No matter what you think, don't just send me a flame. I am actually willing to discuss these points, so if you feel strongly to the contrary, send me an E-mail and let me know.

          A person actually e-mailed me a while back with a couple of points to discusss about my religion article. I was quite impressed, and very glad that someone actually took the time to do something like that.

School Shootings (Recess Reprieve):

          Remember the whole big deal with the school shootings? Rather hard to forget, especially over the noise raised by parents and gun control authorities. Opinions were all over the news . . . but none of them were from a kid's point of view. All these newscasters, reporters and parents, all with opinions based on what is was like when they were kids . . . not now.

Romance vs. Realism:

          Everybody has ideas of being romantic and how great it is. I do love romance, but many of the ideas of classic romance nowadays seem way too corny. When asked a question, I'm often caught between being romantic and being realistic.

Emotional Music:

          I am an extreme music lover, and one of my favorite things in music is when it's emotional. I listen to almost every type of music imaginable, and in my CD collection, I can just open it to whatever mood I'm in. This writing is on an experience I had with emotional music.


          This is the unedited version of something I wrote for the school newspaper. I got quite a mixed response, and actually pissed a whole lot of people off. No matter what age you are, you should read this. Wow, that's probably the first time I've ever said that.


          Now that Bill Clinton is gone and George W. Bush is our new President, I find myself coming to a bit of a realization about my opinion of Clinton. You might actually be interested in this, even if you know jack about politics.


          I said for a long time that I was going to write this. I am an atheist, but am surrounded by a lot of religious people: friends, schoolmates, even relatives. It's taken me a long time to come to terms with how I feel about religion, and what I believe, and this is what finally came out. These are just my beliefs, and I reserve the right to have them, just as you do.