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Quite a while ago, I had to do a project for school where some friends and I had to colonize a planet. No, really! We chose Mercury and got down to work. We had a number of requirements, but one of them was an 'other', wherein we could do anything we wanted. Some people did word searches for their planets, other webpages, others did equally dorky stuff. I got an idea and went up to the teacher and asked if I could make an interactive computer game where you could walk around in a city on Mercury. He said okay, so we started on it. My friends came over a few days ago and we recorded some sounds on the computer that we were going to make the little men that walked around in the city say. Naturally, when we were doing this, we accidently boobooed a number of times and did some stupid ones. I stored those in a special place that I occasionally added something to. Now, when I just rediscovered it, I decided to put them up on the Internet. Let me know what you think!

  • 1. rice.mov Colin doing an interview on Mercury.

  • 2. AScow.mov Don't even ask. It was part of an Adam Sandler routine.

  • 3. AScowfull.mov More of the routine.

  • 4. attack.mov Sort of a medival sound clip, of barbarians attacking a castle that is, unfortunately, guarded by a mage. "He turned 'im into a sheep!"

  • 5. cowgun.mov If my friends and I get together and actually try to make a movie, watch out. It gets scary. "Alright, we got a cow on the perimeters."

  • 6. slack.mov We got to discussing how they tested how long to make the first bungie jump cord. Our thought.

  • 7. squirrel.mov Even more fun. (I think this was Chris, he's now imitating a squirrel)

  • 8. spacered.mov Can you just picture of movie called Rednecks in Space? This is what would happen if they encountered a robot suddenly.

  • 9. leadcows.mov The Cow Cult! A must hear! "Cows are our leaders . . ."

  • 10. poot.mov My sister and I making . . . poot noises.

  • 11. muppets.mov You know the two old geezer muppets that always laugh their heads off? Well, this is my sister and I doing an impression of them.

  • 12. cowaward.mov I actually said this to a girl at my school (Sorry, Emily) when she won an award for Volleyball. She looked at me really funny.

  • 13. eeekattack.mov My friends and I had something fun to do where we all made very tiny little eek noises when we were walking down the halls of school and stuff. A collection.

  • 14. jimmy.mov A saying Colin brought into our group. At Marathon Infinity Tournaments we would all charge into the fray with rallying cries of "Kick 'em in the Jimmy!"

  • 15. cowbomb.mov I once heard that if a cow doesn't burp, he explodes. Doesn't that present an interesting mental picture? Maybe something like this . . .

  • 16. cowterrorists.mov I really like this one. It took my sister and I around a half an hour to make it, maybe more. But we are very proud of it. Picture the headline: "Cow Terrorists Strike in Crowded Airport, Many Wounded." Another title would be: "Earl Learns That Matches and Methane Don't Mix."

  • 17. evil.mov Garet and I put this on almost every school computer as an alert sound, so whenever a message popped up or you did something wrong, this would play. We got quite a response.

  • 18. migrate.mov A few nights ago, my mother told my sister and I that we had better migrate on to bed. This is what came to mind. (Listen for the cow!)

  • 19. scream.mov Just a nice little scream.

  • 20. cowsymphony.mov In Opera and stuff they always take something and go up and down with it, using different notes. I tried this with the word "Cow."

  • 21. cowsymphonybooboo.mov On one of the times I tried to do the symphony, I messed up and got the idea for this.

  • 22. goose.mov Colin and I were trying to make a buzzer sound (for the gameshow clip, which isn't up yet) and we messed up. Colin commented on what it sounded like.

  • 23. littlejimmy.mov Colin made a funky cheering sound that sound like grunting in the gameshow clip, so we made another one with it. The setting is a classroom after a kid presents something . . .

  • 24. reticulans.mov Something I heard in an X-Files (Woo hoo!) episode and adapted it. At our school, I interviewed Josh and this conversation took place. I tried to get a teacher to air it on the school news film thing we have, but he wouldn't let me. Much poo.

  • 25. weapon.mov This was a discussion between me, Dinghy and Harry on the MUCK. I just stole something from Dinghy and he was trying to get it back. (accents included)

  • 26. morning.mov A scene you really don't want to see.

  • 27. houseguest.mov How bad can a houseguest be? I think this one is pretty bad. See if you get it.

  • 28. igor.mov Okay, I have Ashley to thank for this one. Just yelling the last line of this loudly during Journalism Class catches attention, doesn't it?

  • 29. imps.mov Another Ashley idea. Ashley came up with the idea, we worked it out in Geometry, and finally made it into a sound file.

  • 30. combust.mov A lot of these sounds (imps, morning, igor) are thought of at boring moments in Geometry class. This one was no exception.

  • 31. commercial.mov Don't you hate it when you're looking through the TV Guide and you see some title on TV at Midnight called something like "Mr. T's Fat Women?" This happened at a sleepover.

  • 32. dibble.mov Josh created a character known as Dibble the Imp, and we were trying to think of a background for him. We thought of this instead.

  • 33. killme.mov This is the sound file of the quote I put up before. I was teaching my cousin to wrestle, and I was the test dummy. Whee.

  • 34. snizfoo.mov Ashley. What did you expect?

    Finally, the unveiling of

    "The Gameshow,"

    produced by Derek and Colin!

  • 57. gameshow.mov A long time ago (around a year ago, actually) Colin and I were messing around and we came up with a really tweaked out version of a gameshow. (What the lady is saying is "Two Plastic Balls")

  • 58. badgameshow.mov Now, just about a month ago, we got back together and finally finished a second version of it. This would be the mistake, the version that didn't really air on TV.

  • 59. gameshowmessup.mov We tried to make the bad gameshow part around four times, because we kept cracking up or stumbling over somthing we wanted to say and ending up laughing anyway. Here's one of the messups.

  • 60. mgameshow.mov I'm sorry, but we all love that little effect that can make anyone sound like a munchkin. Here's "The Munchkin Gameshow!"

  • 61. mbadgameshow.mov Now for the munchkin version of the bad gameshow! It sounds hilarous!

  • 62. mgameshowmessup.mov And finally, us cracking up over our messup in little munchkin voices. This was FUN.

  • 63. tape.mov I didn't see any of this happen, but heard it. I was sitting there doing homework and Ashley and Chris discovered something. That's Nate in the background trying to give Josh the heads up.

    I'm slowly making more of these, and you might see a new one up every once in a while.