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          Okay, so here's the deal. I enjoy writing, but most of the time I lack the conviction to finish the long stories I want to. A long time ago, I found a solution in writing Sonic the Hedgehog FanFiction, and did that for quite some time. I could just write Short Stories, and I wouldn't have to worry about not finishing them . . . most of the time. The last FanFiction story I was going to write, I never finished (probably because I made it have so many parts). So, for the Final Trilogy, there are parts 1, 2 and 3, but 3.5 was never finished. I still have it, halfway finished, on the computer. Maybe one day, I'll actually go finish it.

  • Sonic FanFiction (Recommended Ages: 7- 15),

              I'm trying to concentrate more on Non-Sonic stories now. I have started quite a few other stories, and finished all of . . . 1 of them, and that one was so long ago that's it's embarrassing to me now.
              The stories I'm working on now are Happy Hamsters in Hell, Dinghy and Dweasel Get a Job, Conflicting Loyalties, and another untitled one. The following are previews or information about the stories. The ones that aren't links should be sooner or later. I'm pretty much scrapping the Original Stories page until I actually finish one of these things.

  • Happy Hamsters in Hell
  • Dinghy and Dweasel Get a Job
  • Conflicting Loyalties

              The surprising news is that I've actually finished writing two short stories a little while ago. For the first story, a friend of mine (Thank you, Calen), mentioned that a line that somebody had just said would make a really cool first line to a story. I realized that it would, and the very next day I just sat down and came out with this. Beware, though . . . it's bizarre. A funny, slightly morbid slice of life.

              The second story . . . okay, it's not very nice. It's violent, gory, and slightly frightening. It's about school shootings. You need to understand three things, though: 1) it's for a purpose, 2) it's not intended to just gross you out, and 3) I don't always write like this. The next short story I put up will be totally different, I promise.

  • One Morning
  • Placidity