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My group of friends sometimes gets together and has Computer Game Tournaments. We go whenever schoolwork doesn't hinder us or the Computer Lab Teacher has to work on something at the school, which, needless to say, isn't often. The old Tournaments we had were all Marathon Infinity Tournaments, which we had 4 or 5 of before they were dubbed "too violent" and banned from the school. Bummer.
Anyway, then we played Warcraft (Yes, that was violent, but I got it approved by showing what skills were involved at that it was friendly and . . . nevermind. I have no friggin' idea how I got it by the Principal.) and had a lot of fun doing that. I guess a lot of roots from Marathon were still there, as backstabbing was a common occurence, and happened at least 2 or 54 times each game. It was great fun.
When Starcraft came out, I dragged the group into that (Several of them going reluctantly) and tried a few games with that. The first time, we did it on old PowerMacs, so it was unbearably slow, but the next time we had iMacs and it ruled. We still play Starcraft currently, although I want to try Unreal Tournament or Rainbow Six.

I am going to put up three sections, one for each game we've played. We got to play Marathon recently (Woo hoo!), so there are some recent films along with screenshots. We haven't played Warcraft in years, but I'm working on stories which tell what occured in the games from the units point of view, and the characters each of our names represented. I have some screenshots (Not from the Tournaments) for it, as well. The Starcraft section has lots of screenshots (Not from the Tournaments) but also almost a full recounting of what happened at each Tournament we had, told humorously and from different people's points of view, not just mine (Though it mostly is).

Written by Derek James B. (Jingles! of Marathon, Lord Dathius of Warcraft, and Infestor of Starcraft)