The Comic

    Alyssa Rhinehart is a normal sort of girl, visiting her grandparents for the summer. Timber is a normal sort of dog, and is a devoted old husky-wolf mix. Neither of them expect to find anything out of the ordinary on a trip to the beach, but hoooo boy, do they find it.

    More to come when it won't give things away. In the meantime, here's a translator chart for the alphabet that we use whenever those strange people in Salterre talk!

The Creators

    Of the pair of us, one pencils, the other inks, and both think up what's going to happen next. We both have websites of our own, which can be found through the links page; we write stories, draw pictures, and have always wanted to put them together in a webcomic. It's a lot of fun so far.


  She is known by names as varied as Mara, Juna, Nziz, and Skittles. And she gets her picture up first because she's the one writing the html. *nyah*


  He is known most often as either Mike or Stone, though there are other names too many to list. If you want to know more than that about us, you're welcome to email.


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