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NEW - Released JULY 2015


Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest

by Kathy Biggs

ISBN 978-0-9677934-9-8

232 pages

Retail price $24.95

5.5" X 8.5"

50% discount for 3+ copies = $12.48 each

The ONLY dragonfly guide for this unique area.
Includes ALL the species found in California
and the common species in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada


- Nearly 20,000 beginner's dragonfly guides sold-

Common Dragonflies of California
(2nd Edition)
A Beginner's Pocket Guide

by Kathy Biggs

ISBN 978-0-9677934-6-7

128 pages

Retail price $9.95

50% discount for 3+ copies = $4.98 each

This revised edition of California's very first dragonfly guide includes the 100 most common dragonflies of California
While our out-of-print 1st CA guide covered 78 CA species,
this revised, updated and expanded version covers 100 CA species!


Nearly 20,000 beginner's dragonfly guides sold

Common Dragonflies of the Southwest
A Beginner's Pocket Guide

by Kathy Biggs
ISBN 0-9677934-1-6
160 pages
Retail price $10.95
50% discount for 3+ copies = $5.48 each
published 3-2006

This book includes ALL the dragonflies of southern CA,
and the common dragonflies found in the Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.


Dragonflies of North America
A Color and Learn Book
with Activities

by Kathy Biggs and Tim Manolis

ISBN 10 0-9677934-4-0

ISBN 13 978-0-9677934-4-3

48 pages
June 2007
50% discount off Retail price of $6.95 for 3+ copies = $3.48 each

Now selling 3rd printing copies!


Dragonflies of North America
Color and Learn
with Activities CD

by Kathy Biggs and Tim Manolis

ISBN 10 0-9677934-5-9

ISBN 13 978-0-9677934-5-0

48 (+ 1 bonus) PDF pages
May 2007
50% discount off Retail price of $6.95 for 3+ copies = $3.48 each
(This is the CD only, separate from the book)

published 5-2007

September 2013


Build a Pond for Wildlife
A CD with a 34 page PDF file -view on screen or print-out

by Kathy Biggs

ISBN# 978-0-9677934-7-4

34 PDF pages

50% discount off Retail price of $6.95 for 3+ copies = $3.48 each

published September 2010

The Habitat Garden Book

Wildlife Landscaping for the San Francisco Bay Region

by Nancy Bauer:

ISBN 10: 0-9707445-1-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-9707445-1-7

62 pages

Retail price $12.95

Revised edition published 6-2008

Now with more color photos and updated resource section!

"A delightful little guide to help you transform your own backyard, patio, or community site into a healthy home for a wondrous array of fascinating creatures."

Bluewater Gold Rush

The Odyssey of a California
Sea Urchin Diver

by Tom Kendrick :

ISBN10 0-9677934-3-2
ISBN13 978-0-9677934-3-6

312 pages

Retail price $16.95

published 9-2006

The first and only chronicle of the California sea urchin dive fishery.
Touching, funny and full of adventure. A must read!
Featured in The Surfer's Journal 2006

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Reviews of Dragonflies of The Greater Southwest,
Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah

Dragonflies of The Greater Southwest is most comprehensive! Clear, beautiful pictures of male and female dragonflies on every page make this book a gem. - Diane Doonan - Range & River Books

Wow, I just bought Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest by Kathy Claypole Biggs. If you like learning about nature, this is a book to have. It has these great these big beautiful photos and the quick guides are amazing! - Nature Ali - California Naturalist

I've used Kathy Biggs' Pocket Guides for over a decade and loved them. This 'upgrade' to a larger sized format is wonderful. The large images (3' X4") are fantastic and now she has included large images of the females too. The maps by county are quite useful and I especially appreciate the 'similar species' account on each species' page. In fact, I just LOVE the 2-page setup used for each species. - Rae Walden - book reviewer

Reviews of Common Dragonflies of California:

Common Dragonflies of California is great! It fills the niche in California Wildlife field-guides that was begging to be occupied! The color balance is dead-on reality. With its petite dimensions and light weight, it should ride in the pocket or backpack of every naturalist, hiker and biker in the state from May through September." - Rich Stallcup, PRBO CA, author Pelagic Birds of Monterey Bay

"Common Dragonflies of California is an uncommon book. Full of sound advice and chock full of excellent color photos, this book will be of great interest to any California nature lover. I am the kind of person who loves to know the name of every tree, shrub, flower, reptile, bird and fish that I see. Now that I have this little jewel, I'm going to learn how to identify the dragonflies too. The more we learn about nature, the more enjoyment we get from it. I highly recommend this fine book! I expect it would make a great present too, for the right person." - Tom Ogren, author of Allergy-Free Gardening

"...beautifully laid out, concise, informative, and the photographs are wonderful. It's altogether a little jewel, and lends veracity to the old saying, 'good things come in small packages'." Ty Brown, Salazar Library, Sonoma State University

Common Dragonflies of California, is a welcome and much-needed reference. The photos and descriptions are great and the website adds to the usefulness and is sure to increase our knowledge of the statewide distribution of species. I have been saying for years that this field guide was needed. Gary Santolo, Environmental Scientist

....a nice little pocket-sized guide....photographs are clear....I certainly recommend this publication to anyone interested in Odonata, and at $10.00, it's a bargain. Mark O'Brien, Williamsonia, Michigan Odonata Survey, Vol. 4, No. 3, Summer, 2000

"The text is concise and very much to the point, the photographs and diagrams are excellent, ... a wonderful job on the layout." - John Smail, UC Office of the President

"A delightfully complete compact distillation of dragonfly data!" - Jeffrey A. Caldwell, California Garden Habitat Network



"I heartily recommend this little volume for anyone wanting to identify dragons and damsels ...., whether just occasionally while engaged in other outdoor pursuits, or as a serious hobby. - Bruce Deuel, CA Fish & Game, an avid birder and dragonflier

"For the price of $10.95 this is indeed a "must have" for anyone who wants to start studying these beautiful insects." - Hank Brodkin , SEABA newsletter editor (South East Arizona Butterfly Association)

"While claiming to be just a beginner's guide, it is well suited to the serious amateur as well." - Rich Bailowitz, Arizona entomologist and author of Butterflies of the Southwest."

"I never had any idea there were so many different types of dragonflies! ... a wonderful book! ...We will be featuring it as a stocking stuffer too!" - Frank Dodge, Wild Bird Center, Colorado Springs, CO

"This delightful field guide, measuring only 4.5" x 5.25", small enough to be carried everywhere, includes 129 common dragonflies and damselflies of the six states of the southwest--California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Colorado, my home state. Of the 350 superb colored photographs, almost half show dragons AND damsels much larger than life, showing their bright colors and intricate patterns in amazing detail. All 129 males are pictured and most of the females. And this small book is packed with an incredible amount of information: descriptions of males and females, their habitats, flight periods and often their habits. Each family has its own page, making identification easier. There's a glossary and references and an invaluable list of websites for further information, including one prepared just for this book. An extended checklist of all 189 species tells you at a glance which species live in which states. Although the author titles it for beginners, this book is useful for almost everyone with an interest in dragonflies--and it's hard not to be fascinated by these beautiful creatures. Dragonflying is becoming increasingly popular as birders and butterfliers take up dragonflying as well, and this book is a winner for those dragonfliers of the southwest!." - Lynn Monroe, author, Butterflies & their Plants, Anza-Borrego State Park and Environs

"C D S's Color photographs along with index, maps, bibliography, glossary, checklist, frequently asked questions, description of life cycle, and list of related websites bring everything anyone has ever wanted to know about dragonflies and damselflies all in one easy-to-use location. [Dragonflies] with common characteristics are grouped together for ease in finding them." - Kate Garmise, Ajo Copper News, AZ, April 2004

"CDSW is truly a wonderful book, very good photos, reproduced in fine detail and color ...[with] one species to each page, I like that."- Curt Williams, TX entomologist

Reviews of Bluewater Gold Rush

REVIEWS for Build A Pond For Wildlife CD:
We followed the author's steps to create our pond and we've never regretted a moment of it.
The increase in wildlife that we can see through our window is amazing!
We've learned so much about critters that we never would have even noticed before.

Gloria D.

Building a backyard pond with this book was so much easier than I thought it would be. The results have been great.
We have so many new (to us) bird species and lots of dragonflies. The best part is the soothing sound of our waterfall.

Harry C.

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AZALEA CREEK PUBLISHING is also the vendor for 2 other dragonfly related products:
Dragonflies and Damselflies of California, by Tim Manolis
and the Belomo Triplet Lens and Lanyard



This informative and beautifully illustrated coloring book provides an engaging tool to learn about dragonfly and damselfly biology, behavior and identification.
-Scott Hoffman Black, Executive Director of The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

It's a fun cool way to learn about dragonflies. I like watching them at my friend's lake.
- Charlie C., age 12.

The coloring books just arrived and they are SPECTACULAR!
You'd better get 2 copies of this book because once you start reading it,
the child for whom you thought you were buying it will never see it.
Fun games in the back, chock-full of interesting tidbits for all ages!

- Cynthia Donald, book buyer Maricopa Audubon Chapter, Arizona.

CD:'s great! I think [the CD] is a really neat idea, and the illustrations are excellent."
- Sarina Jepsen, Conservation Associate, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

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