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This is a good site to learn about dogs. Mostly its about fun things to do with dogs, and the many ways we can expand sharing our lives with our dogs. I know many people who are good dog trainers, but can't deal with people. I'm best dealing with people in writing. When I write I have time to reflect and choose my words carefully. Explore my site and you will see. It's been a fun and interesting experience developing the site, and very educational.

Diane's Usenet Postings

If you aren't familiar with usenet it has an informal style. One person will post a problem or a comment, then other people will respond to it. Think of it thius way: A person posts on the bulletin board of the laundry room "My neighbor cut my trees" Another person walks in, sees the card, and puts up their own card "That was nasty. Have you talked with them about it? Did you know there are possible triple damages?" And another person will then post their response, etc.

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