Copyright and Linking information

Can I link to your page?

The short answer is "Yes". I'm glad when someone finds my site useful and generally encourage linking. But thefts of my work have forced me to be more specific. Specifically I want it clear that my work is my work. It must be obvious to the viewer that pages, articles and images from my web site are on my web site, not your web site.

Do I need to get permission to link to your page?

You can link to my web site without asking permission, but don't load the contents of my site so that it looks like it is part of your site.

Can I use your articles, lists or images on my website?

If you like what I have to offer you may provide your visitors with a link to my site. It always must be clear that the source of the image, article or other creative work is my web site. You may not copy any image, article or other creative work from my site to your site unless I expressly give permission.

If you want to discuss reprint rights for physical print media, such as in a newsletter or pamphlet feel free to write to me Diane Blackman. I usually give permission for non-profit use for a single printing. You really must, however, be very specific as to the exact page you wish to reprint. I have had many occassions when the request turns out to be for something that is not my work. I would be ashamed if I accidentally gave permission to reprint work that was not mine. Just be specific.

You may not load the contents of my pages, by link or otherwise, into a frame or other design element, if that makes it appear the page is on your site. You may not link to an individual element, such as an image, in such a way as to make that element appear to be a part of your pages or your site.

You may not reproduce, copy, or redistribute the creative elements of the this web site, articles, scripts, individual elements of the web site design, photographs, artwork or logos without the express written permission of Diane Blackman, owner, creator and designer of this web site.

<-- Dog-Play is the service mark of the Dog-Play web site and covers the provision of articles, images and resources relating to dogs, dog behavior, dog products, dog activites and human relationships with dogs. All articles, information, images and collections are the copyright of the author as indicated, or of Dog-Play if not specifically indicated.-->

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