Nox is my kitty. She is exactly what I wanted her to be. She was not too happy when we first met. Her mother, a feral cat, had brought her kittens up on my porch for a free meal. I used a jacket to catch one of the scattering kittens. It was the kitten to become Nox. Later I was able to catch her two sisters, and still later trap her mother and get her spayed. Anyway, I had learned from raising earlier feral kittens that putting them in a nice quiet room by themselves was exactly wrong. Instead I put them in a very large cage in my busiest room with only a sheet to give them a small degree of privacy from the dogs. I took them out frequently and let the dogs sniff and lick them. It was not long before they were purring instead of hissing.

I shoulder trained Nox. She can ride on my shoulder without getting me scratched up - unless I try to do housework or something.

Nox. My Kitty

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