Subject: Re: What would you do?
From: (Diane Blackman)
Date: 1997/03/05
Newsgroups: misc.rural

Yep yep yep I know its bad form to just agree, but I gotta. I like to use whatever I can to avoid a lawsuit but this is one that seems inevitable. The person who told you to take pictures, and notes and document everything is right on. Under California law damages will be at least double, possibly triple. Based upon a situation I am familiar with I would not be shocked to see the damages value (without the doubling) top $100,000 - just for the trees. On rereading it I'd bet it will go a LOT higher.

Of course I still believe in trying to work things out, but given the degree of carelessness involved and the big dollar value I think you will be smartest to prepare for battle, with a willingness to listen to reasonable offers of settlement.


Carol & Bob wrote:
: and am asking for comments/advice. My husband and I own a beautiful two
: acre parcel in Mendocino County in N. Calif. The parcel is covered with
: redwood trees, has a stream and a little easement road through it. We
: visited it last week-end only to find that the property owners next door
: had 1) taken down the chain and no tresspassing sign on our easement road,
: 2) cut a number of our trees, 3) used our property as their staging area so
: as not to damage their own property, 4) caused serious damage to a bank
: over which they drug the big trees out. Now we have lost a valuable wind


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