S y N t H o M a N i A

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SyNtHuSeR, benevolent ruler of SyNtHoMaNiA
offers greetings and welcomes you to his humble world.

Official Flag of SyNtHoMaNiA

The Royal Palace

Thanks to the kindness and awesomeness of Tory and Martin I will have mp3s of all the songs from OFD and 11/1, and I'll post some on the site very soon. I will let everyone know when the site is updated to include the mp3s! HOORAY!!!

"The act is the reward."

This website was built with Microsoft Publisher, (well ya got to start somewhere eh?). But I am now working with the NetObjects Fusion software and the site will be remodeled using that in the very near future. Cheers and thanks for visiting.

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