October Fool's Day

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October Fool's Day / 1998

OFD started out as a one song demo for a friend in New York. I had just picked up a Korg Trinity module and I loved the guitar patches so much I wanted to write a song that would be built around these tones. The title track was finished in 1 day and then I added the intro from the first Halloween film as the opening to the tune. That led me to using some original vocal samples before the last section of the song as well. I then started hearing where this music was taking me. The next thing I knew there were 2 songs, then 4, and finally 8! I spent 2 full weekends writing and recording all the tracks and then I went to some of my favorite horror and sci-fi films for the samples that are heard throughout OFD, and WOW was it fun! I had a f*cking blast making this cd and even created a "mock" band for the liner notes that seemed to just add to the insanity! I got great responses and questions about these band members! The following e-mail (the authoress shall remain nameless) is my FAVORITE regarding the OFD mystery band members and what the hell it all meant LOL!

Track Listing:
Outer Limits
Walking On Your Grave
Technostacy Island
October Fool's Day

Korg O1/W keyboard
Korg X5-DR module
Korg Wavestation modules (2)
Korg Trinity module
Alesis DM5 drum module
Roland DR-660 drum machine

Roland MKB-300
dbx Project/1 266
Alesis Midiverb 4
Alesis Microverb 4
Opcode 8port SE
Digidesign 882 Interface
Alesis Monitor One speakers
Mackie CR1604-VLZ Mixer
Mackie 1202-VLZ mixer
Sampson Servo 240 power amp

Recorded May, 1998
Composed/recorded in 4 days

CD Cover:
Cover photo - Tom Byerly
Location - Elk Grove, CA
Suit & Tie - Salvation Army
Newspaper - SF Chronicle
Original photo altered in PicturePublisher 6.0

Mask? What mask?

"I have a really silly question for you. Before I ask it first of all....you already know that I am not a blonde! and second if it is as silly as I think, I am going to claim drunk or under the influence of mind altering drugs!  ;o)  LOL  Got ya wee bit curious now???  ;o)

Okay.....if you are Daniel Byerly (producer) then how come in the interview Andrew Blayer (guitars) mentions ME (thanks for the mention!!!  I was surprised!!)  ;o)  and then later on in the interview Lee DiBane (keyboards) (which btw, I thought you did) mentions his friend Mike Z.  HELP I am confused.....!!!!!  LOL

Are you all these people????? Or was the names credited just mixed up??  OH yeah...and Andrew mentions the tape YOU got at Best Buy?  By the end of the interview I was convinced that you are all these guys in one! ;o)  Am I totally nuts?? hhmmm wait a minute...DON"T answer that question!!! LOL ;o)  heheheh

Please clear up this confusion!!!!  I thought the band is you and you are the band?  How mixed up am I??????  AaAhhh....well at least I do know that I LOVE the CD!!!!!  Great great stuff!!!!!" - written by one of my favorite people and a very sweet OFD listener

What does October Fool's Day mean?

The cd was originally going to be called April Fool's day. But the more I started using the samples from the horror and the sci-fi films, the more I started to get a Halloweenish feeling in my head. The idea seemed to be, that this was becomming a kind of tribute to all those childhood fears and wonders I had... and maybe still have? Plus so many things were just falling into place with the samples, as well as the artwork concepts I was playing around with at the time. The idea for "alien guy" was a vision that I really wanted to happen. Props to my brother Tom for assisting me as we ran around Sacramento furiously taking pictures. Tom actually shot the cover photo for OFD, and many of the other photos that day as well. And the cover for the next cd (Ascension) will use another photo that Tom took of me as "alien guy," and basically without his help, the visions may have never become a reality.

The samples used on October Fool's Day songs

Outer Limits - Classic intro to Outer Limits tv show, and samples from The Bellero Shield episode.
Beast - More samples from The Bellero Shield episode.
Drowning - The Bellero Shield episode and some stock thunder samples.
Walking On Your Grave - Poltergeist (the samples worked well on this song, still creeps me out!)
Spirits - Some bargain bin video tape I bought at Best Buy (cool, creepy story on this one though)
Scarecrow - SubSpecies III (Radu is too cool!)
Technostacy Island - The Bellero Shield episode (Gee I must like this one?)
October Fool's Day - The poem from the first Halloween film and original vocal samples.

Swedish Rock Journalist Jan Imbordt interviews the boys about the October Fool's Day cd.

Synthy's Believe It Or Not

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