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"Everybody ........ this CD just blew me away. On the 46 minute + sojourn through 8 songs ..... Synth majestically takes me to the highest plateaus, deepest caverns, makes me smile, makes me cry, scares the living shit out of me and gently takes my mind back to the real world. This is a brilliant piece of music, 8 songs .... 46+ minutes of the best music I've heard in a very long time. Witchking falls into the domain of Geoffrey Downes and Peter Gabriel ....really intense keyboard driven music. For many, it's not their cup of tea and that's cool, to each their own. But after hearing Witchking for the first time on Saturday and now what is it? Wednesday? this album in my mind is truly a special piece of music. Witchking is a synth-driven album ..... for you metal-heads out there, this one isn't for you. If you're a fan of prog music, like the artists I mentioned previously ..... this album will really move you. Witchking is a mature, deep, well-refined piece of music in my book and will be a proud part of my music collection for many years." - Chris Tidwell

"...tasty tasty stuff I must say." - Phil Toretto

"You took the words right out of my mouth Chris! "Pelennor Fields" and "Caradhras" are my favorites! I guess it would be
considered your E.P. ;). Thank you so much for the gift (literally) of your spectacular music. Your compositions are so impressive...I'm glad to see you're developing a following!" - Matt McAfee

"Yeah, this is unlike anything I have ever heard before!  I kinda think you should be out there doing movie soundtracks.  The "Lord of the Rings" brings the most imagery to me.  I think of being whisked off to a far off island where a castle rises before and lights blast out the windows. I walk inside and the walls are sparkling like some kind of jewel. A trumpet blares and the townspeople come to life.  They crawl out of everywhere are gathering around a fountain where a huge party takes place. It is hard to explain. That would be about the first 2 minutes all that happens in my mind.  I can definetly say that on the "Witchking" disc that LotR is my fave at the time. BTW, it is too hard to give each song individual attention because they are so great!  Really!  I can't stop listening to it.  It is 95% of the time one of the 3 discs in my CD player.  Keep up the good work and inform me when your next release is out!" - Joe Balwinski

"The tape was totally pro. Great stuff. Can't wait to here the rest." - Sal Sanfilippo

"I listen to Witchking quite regularily... I made mp3 file out of it on my workstation, so I always have it with me at work.  A few other people I work with have listened to the mp3s too, and they love it..." - Brad Miller

"I can't thank you enough for sending me your cd." - Mr. Wonderful

"I said Witchking was like an unexplainable instrumental cross between CAS, And Then There Were Three, and a touch of ELP and Fripp/Gabriel/Krimson. Well, to kiss ass here, as I'm sure amg is now nauseas [sp] at our accord, the opening tune, called "Lord Of The Rings", let's hear-- listening now--very And then there were Three, ELP/King Krimson keys (Crimson insofar as harmony, to my ear), a Steve hackett break, with a Tony lead, all this by 1:30, I was so concentrating on the overall tune--it would make a fantastic Genesis tune--it is better than some of the CAS songs." - The Ianator

"I still stand by my relating Witchking to Group 87 (for those who don't know, Mark Isham, Patrick O'Hearn,
Terry Bozzio-1980)." - Kevin Collins

"I'm very curious about Mr. Synthuser's work!" - Geoff Walden

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