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"I don't know much about art, but I know what I like, and I like this. It's definitely a disc that has to be really *listened* to. It's not background music. I'm not going to attempt a complete review, because I'm not good at at that sort of thing. I'll just have to sum it up in two words: Awesome, Synth." - Cassie

"got it!  and it's great!  my mother even liked it!  (oops, not sure that's a compliment ...)  well, she did until she looked at the "call the police" picture and said, "Laura, you have some grungy friends."  me:  "yep." I guess I was expecting something a bit more bizarre and out-there after "October Fool's Day" ("not much room for a pool, is there?" <shudder>) and 11/1 is much more listenable - melodic and powerful rhythms..." - Laura In Space

"I have the feeling this one is going to be living in my cd player for quite a while.  I have an hour's commute to work every day, so I'm always looking for music for my commute......this is definitely going........I'll probably play it in class too, while the kids work.  It's good music to create by.  I'm so impressed!" - Charli

"I have heard the new CD and lets just say that he keeps getting better and better!!!  - Anita Regner

"I got this gem in the mail 2 days ago and have been playing it nonstop. Haven't had the time to write the review but geez louise, this thing has me guessing every minute ...." - The Professor

"I knew you were good, but the new CD is unbelievable!!! I've been listening to it constantly since I got it, sometimes twice in a row. It needs to be played over & over in order to simply absorb everything that's there. You really did a great job with this one. Thank you, I'm really enjoying it." - Matt McAfee

"I listened to your CD and I like it a lot. The guitar work is really excellent." - Eric

"...eleven ONE has been getting steady rotation in my CD player.  I can't really distinguish the tracks in my mind...it's like one piece of continuous music.  It's really good stuff  Synth." - Phil Torretto

"I have to publicly say this...as heaps of rewards need to be ...uh...heaped. Eleven One is BADASSED!" - Scott Norland

"Got the cd today...... most excellent! Got it going now, it's there." - Steve Byerly

"The guitar playing is like a cross between Satriani and Santana, I loved it." - Eston Extine

"Oh, and I don't know if you'll be insulted or not, but Part 2 reminds me of  Dave Gilmour in places, with the extended gee-tar, which I do love. I don't think I've much more to say... verdict? Superb piece of work. Well done! I salute you. Eleven One is just reward for your efforts! Finally, I can't wait for your next opus. I hope to hear all about it (and hear it) when it comes about..."
- Alan Hanley

"I love it - It rules! I mean it- I'll have you know that I was playing guitar along to a lot of it yesterday evening and will do so more as soon as I tear my ass from sitting in front of this damned computer!" - Kevin Collins

"FUCK!!!!  You read my frickin mind, Kev!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was just going to write that exact same subject title!!!!  Yes, let me continue: SYNTHUSER KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!" - David M. Taylor

"synth does in deed kick it!" - sdm

"I'll write to you with more thoughts at a later date...but suffice to say, on just one listening, I certainly won't be passing it on!"  :)
- Wot Gorilla

"I received Eleven One and it's great!" - Mike Z


"Got Eleven One in the mail the other day.  Thanks!!!!  This is great - I am just loving this music!  It has a real "anticipation" feel to it for me. (don't know how you meant it, but that is how I hear it, lol!) Hasn't left the CD player yet!" - Melissa

"...a stunning union of passion and technology. Music for the new millenium." - Tom Byerly

"I really like it, the guitar reminds me of  Satriani at times." - John S.

"This piece of work is a superbly executed voyage through an evocative musical world, quirky and intense at the same time. Synth's musicianship is excellent... enjoy his mastery of the keyboards, fluidity of the fretboard, and funky bass lines. To those of you who haven't heard it, I suggest you mail this talented artist double four-time, and experience a different listening sensation! Thanks for the music synthuser! I can't wait for the next installment in the saga..."- Alan Hanley

Got your cd 11/1 thank you so much for sending it to me the music is great!! - Steve Drummonds

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