Brad Silva
Windsor, CA 95492
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A position as a Senior System or Network Administrator, specifically responsible for system and network design and maintenance.  Or, as a Systems Engineer, doing Unix or network systems design and integration.

Dilithium Networks
Petaluma, CA
September 2004 to December 2008
SENIOR SYSTEMS ENGINEER.  In July of 2007, we moved management of the Engineering Linux systems from IT to Engineering and I joined Engineering.  I was responsible for maintaining these systems as well as contributing to the Linux and Network portions of the DTG 3000 product.

GLOBAL SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR (IT MANAGER).   Responsible for world-wide networks and systems (Linux and Windows).  Hired and supervised a senior windows administrator and a PC tech.  Managed facilities, phones, alarm and badge system, etc.

As a consultant for Dilithium, I had already setup all of their US Engineering servers and had designed and implemented both the local networks (office and engineering lab), as well as the worldwide secure network.
Silva Research
Windsor, CA
March 2003 to Present
CEO, PRINCIPAL ENGINEER.   Acquired and managed customers, ran the company and everything else a small company needs to do.  As a consultant, I designed networks for customers, implemented both Linux and Windows systems and applications.  I wrote and taught classes.  I helped with diagnosis and repair of existing systems.
Westwave Communications
Santa Rosa, CA
August, 2000 to March 2003
In November of 2002, Westwave ran low on money and put everyone on leave without pay.  I continued to work part time maintaining systems until I started my own consulting firm.

SENIOR NETWORK ENGINEER.    In July of 2002, I was transferred to Engineering to be responsible for the design of the V-Switch internal network, as well as the design documents for the integration of the product at the customer's site.

SENIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR.   I was responsible for the Unix systems and the company network.  Because the company uses a Voice over IP phone system, I designed the network to be able to support QoS for voice traffic.   Since Westwave's product is based on Sun Solaris, I also do internal consulting for the Engineering Department on Solaris and Networking.

Alcatel USA
Petaluma, CA
March, 1999 to August, 2000
SENIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR.  General UNIX systems and services administration, automation and maintenance.  Devised and implemented a wide variety of solutions for our systems and for the Engineering department.  In some ways, my biggest contribution has been was as a resource for others in the department.  Because of my wide experience I've wound up consulting with users and other admins on a daily basis.

Harris Digital Telephone Systems
Novato, CA
April, 1994 to March, 1999
SENIOR NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR/MANAGER.  In May of 1997, I transferred my team to MIS and was responsible for network design and maintenance as well as operation and technical leadership for Unix and NT servers.

SENIOR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR/MANAGER.  I was responsible for operation and expansion of Engineering Department network, Unix and NT servers, and desktop systems. I supervised two junior administrators, one student co-op, and one part time student tech. The network consisted of 9 servers and 250 workstations.

Cincom Systems
South San Francisco, CA
March, 1993 to April, 1994
SOFTWARE ENGINEER.  Pre-sales support for database and 4GL software, running on UNIX and PC systems. As a pre-sales consultant, I worked with customers, designed and implemented proof of concept systems, responded to Requests For Proposal, installed new systems, and provided on-site training.

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