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Also visit our Armies of the Second World War databases, including orders of battle and unit histories for ground forces of the Western Allies, Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union.

In memory of my son and his wife, taken from us and their young children by a drunk driver.



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We don't sell books, we just help you find them, and there's no charge for the service. We offer a huge online database to assist readers, researchers, veterans, hobbyists, and collectors in locating and acquiring books.

Our "Stone & Stone collection" contains what we consider to be the most important and useful books about the Second World War. Books in this database can be browsed by author, title, series, etc (via links above) and they can be found by using our "Quick-Finder" search feature which is located in the upper-left of every page at our website. All of these approaches lead eventually to a separate webpage for each and every book in the collection. We don't sell any of these books (or anything else), but every individual book page includes a link leading to potential sources for purchasing the book.

Remember that we don't stock or sell books. If you see a title you're interested in, contact the publisher or bookseller—full contact information is available on our Directory pages—for details on availability, price, condition, edition, etc. And please tell them that you saw it at Stone & Stone's Second World War Books.

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We don't buy, stock, publish, or sell books or anything else.
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