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I'm searching for family with the last name BLICHER.

Photograph of Morris Blicher on his Certificate of Naturalization, 1939.

My grandfather Morris Blicher was born in 1889. His steamship passenger manifest indicates that Morris was from Warsaw, Poland when he came to NYC in 1913. He lists a brother Avrum Blecher as the closest relative he left behind and the family story is that Morris' father had a "tavern" in Warsaw. He lists Harry Blicher as the relative to whom he's going.

In the U.S. he kept in touch with his brother, Sam, and his sisters named Marie, Esther, and Ruchel. He also had a sister who lived in Birmingham, Alabama whose name is not known.

Morris married Rose HABER and had three children: Harry (1916-2003), Benjamin (1918-1984), and Minnie (1920-1995).

We have discovered BLICHERs living in New York, Florida, South America, Washington, D.C., Montreal, and Indiana. We have also discovered BLICHERs (variously spelled Blacher, Blajcher) in old Polish records from Radom, Warsaw, Solec, Kielce, Lodz, Zwolen, Czestochowa, Piotrkow, and Krakow.

Thanks to JewishGen and JRI Poland, we now know that Morris' parents were Herszek Blicher and Ryfka Dwojra Feldman, Herszek's parents were Gdala Blacher and Chana Kuperberg, and Gdala Blacher's parents were Nachman, son of Gdala and Fayga, daughter of Zelman. Most of these records were found in Zwolen.

(We are related to another Blicher branch through the marriages of the two Kuperberg sisters, Chana and Giela, to two Blacher cousins, Gdala and Berek.)

If anyone recognizes or is searching for BLICHERs (or AMBROSE, BOOTH, CARMACK, DURNEY, HABER, ISAAK, KORTUM, or TUTT - although I am not actively researching those names right now) please contact me: caroli at sonic dot net.

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