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This page contains information to help promoters with the process of getting a USCF event permit for their race. If you have any questions about the process of getting your USCF race permit please feel free to contact Casey Kerrigan

In order to get USAC event insurance for your race you need to take out a USCF event permit for your race. All USCF event permit application packets require the following 5 items.

1) A completed USCF competitive event application

2) A completed USCF competitive event checklist

3) A completed third party named insured form, Note this form may not be required in very rare situations.

4) A completed copy of the Event Medical Plan and Checklist. You should keep a copy of this form for your records and have a copy of it available on race day.

5) A draft copy of the race Ad for your event.

Note on the USCF event permit application the promoter must initial the section that talkes about non-owned/hired vehicle insurance. If this section isn't initialed your permit will not be processed.

Promoters are urged to read the USCF rule book to make sure their race announcement contains all the required elements. If you don't have a copy of the rule book you can download one from here. Rule 1E, pages 22-23 covers race announcements. It is also a good idea to read rules 1D - 1H, pages 16 - 27 since these rules talk about items a promoter should be aware of.

Promoters need to distribute their race Ads in at least one of the following methods at least 30 days before the closing of your Pre-Reg. deadline.

1) The Ad needs to be sent to a Min of 50% of the riders in the district. Note race Ads in the NCNCA Newsletter generally are accepted for meeting this requirement.

2) A Copy of the Ad need to be mailed to at least 80% f the clubs in the region. Again Ads in the NCNCA Newsletter meet this requirement if your Ad is published in the Newsletter far enough n advance.

3) The Ad is published via electonic media.

Note that your race Ad has to be approved before you can start distributing it. Failure to distribute your race Ad in one of the above methods can result in a fine of $50 or 7% of your prizelist which ever is greater. Also if you don't have a properly distriibuted race Ad you may not charge a post entery fee.

Information about permit fees, allowable entry fees, allowable surcharges and officials fees can be found in the schedule of fees, pages 7 - 11 in the USCF rule book. In addition to the surcharges listed in the USCF rule book NCNCA member clubs also pay a $1 per rider surcharge for races they promote. This NCNCA surcharge help to pay for NCNCA programs like the NCNCA race equipment, the Junior and Women's programs etc.

Your event permit application packet containing the above items should be sent to Casey Kerrigan, 3148 Jordan Rd., Oakland, CA 94602. If everything in your permit application looks good then your application will be signed and forwarded to USAC for processing. Your permit application should be sent in at least 6 weeks before your race. Permit applications sent in less than 6 weeks before the race are charged a surcharge in addition to the regular event permit fee.

In addition to the above forms you may need to fill out and mail in the following forms to USAC before your race.

1) Non-owned/hired motorcycle application supplement. This form is required if your race will be using motorcycles and the motorcycle riders need liability insurance coverage. Many private insurance policies will not cover someone if they have an accident while involved in a contest of speed and or they are being paid for their services when the accident happens. Mostly this coverage will be required in road races where you have motorcycle officials and or marshals out on the road with the racers.

2) Non-owned/hired auto application supplement. Just like with the motorcycle coverage above this coverage may be needed for people who are driving lead/follow vehicles in a race in the event their personal coverage doesn't cover them when they are involved in a contest of speed or acting as a vehicle for hire.

You should work with your Chief Ref. to figure out how many vehicles will be needed to safely run your race and if any of the vehicle operators will need the additional liability coverage above. The above forms must be received by USAC no later than 2 days before your race. It is strongly suggested that promoters submit the forms at least a week before their race.

In addition to the above forms you might find the following form useful in helping to plan out your race Course Safety Guidelines. You can order race number from NCNCA. NCNCA sells numbers and pins at cost. Just download the Number Order Form and mail it into NCNCA along with a check to cover the cost of your order. You will probably also want to download the NCNCA Equipment Order form so you can request any NCNCA equipment you may need for your race.

Shortly before your race you should get a race packet from USAC. This packet will include paperwork you will need for your race. your race packet should include a supply of one day license forms, a supply of annual onsite license forms, a copy of the USAC Standard Release form you can make copies of for riders to use on race day. you should also get copy of the Chief Referee's report form and the Post Event Payment form. The packet should also include a couple of Occurrence Report forms which need to be filled out in the event riders are injured in an accident. In the event you don't get the race packet from USAC then you can use the above links to get copies of the forms.

You should be prepared to have 3 copies of your start sheets on race day. One copy of the start sheets is for your records, one copy is for the officials and one copy is for your announcer ( if you have one). If you are doing race day reg. by hand you can use this start list form. Just download and print out the start list form pdf and then take it to a printer and have them make up 3 part carbonless forms.

For information about getting your race Ad in the NCNCA Newsletter go here. For information about getting your race Ad linked to the NCNCA web page contact the NCNCA Web Team.

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