“What’s That Big White Fluffy Stuff Parading By?”

by: Mitzie Vincentz 2015

Written for the GPCA National Specialty Rescue parade


No, big white clouds have not fallen from the sky

Nor are they marshmallows from a moon pie

Not a snow drift that moved in to cover the hill

This is a Rescue Parade of big white fluffy dogs in drill

A Rescue gathers dogs who are like broken stemmed flowers, left in a field

Rescued from injustices dealt them –suffered with no choice but to yield

Rescue restores these dogs until they are healed and scars are no longer seen

This is the duty of selfless love performed by rescue volunteers behind the scene

A Rescue Dog and its new family finding each other is like a blessing of no other

So it calls for a celebration to honor those too, who promise to love this dog forever

A Parade of Rescue Dogs is so befitting, it represents all those deserving heroes with paws

Those Great Pyrenees Dogs who captivate our hearts, parading before us now-we are in awe

Let’s stand, show a few tears, and applaud!