A Christmas Poem: Ode to Pyr Hair

Sarah Stambaugh, National Capitol Great Pyrenees Club

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas,
There's magic in the air.
The house is all trimmed and ready,
With beautiful Pyrenees Hair.

Snowy scene We have the perfect answer
To create this festive scene.
Because living with us in our house
Is a built-in snow machine.

Who needs silver glitter
Or tinsel for the tree,
When our Pyr can provide it,
And it's all furnished free.

It's amazing what one can do
With this long and shiney hair.
It clings so nice to everything
And fits in anywhere.

And when your friends drop by to visit
And drink a cup of cheer,
There's a gift for them to take back
From your faithful, loving Pyr.

So here's to Pyrenees fur
Forever may it thrive
In your house and our house
As long as we survive.

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