Poste de Pompier Working Great Pyrenees

Luciano x Caisse pups

Born July 11, 2001

Pups have been outside for a week now. They are eating - more properly, "wading in" - a slurry of puppy food, dried milk and water and they seem to be wearing as much as they are eating. So Saturday, their one-month birthday, they got their first baths.
wk5 Cinco Dirty Face.
The kitchen sink is the place for their first bath. Lady is wearing her food on her nose and under her chin. It takes about ten minutes of soaking to loosen it enough to scrape it off without also removing hair.
wk5 Lily Dirty Face
Lily, being the smallest, really gets into her food, and wears it more extensively than her sisters. All but two of the pups were quiet and patient while being bathed. Most tried to drink the sink dry.
wk5 Cinco Dry
After a bath and toweling dry, Lady looks like a Pyr puppy again. (I think a slurry of puppy food would make great wallpaper paste!)
wk5 Lily Dry
Lily took about 15 minutes to get free of the puppy food. Here she is clean and dry - until the next feeding. They have their teeth in now, so the food can just be soaked, not liquified.
wk5 Pups resting
Caisse is voluntarily weaning the pups, spending up to four hours at a time away from them now. .
wk5 Group of pups
They aren't concerned, and pass the time sleeping, eating or playing with each other
Belle chews first Shoelace
Belle finds that a shoelace can be a tasty chew toy.
wk5 Gypsy Belle play
Of course, a sister can be chewed on as well. Gypsy chews back.
wk5 Brown Climbs
Brown thinks about joining his sisters for a nap.
wk5 Gypsy.
Gypsy is obviously one of the more social pups; she keeps getting into the pictures.
See the pedigree, pictures of parents and GDC hip x-ray clearance numbers.

Owner and breeder: Catherine de la Cruz,
Poste de Pompier Working Great Pyrenees.

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