Poste de Pompier Working Great Pyrenees

Luciano x Caisse pups

Born July 11, 2001

They were six weeks old last Thursday. Caisse has them practically weaned, but they still nurse occasionally, more for comfort than for food. Since she doesn't need the relief of a noon nursing, I set up an automatic waterer and feeder so I no longer have to come home at noon to feed. The waterer, and the wire milk crate I attached it to, became new playtoys.
Lily relaxes on the milk crate that holds the water bowl
Lily was one of the first to crawl up on the wire milk crate that holds the automatic water bowl.
Velvet and the waterer
Velvet has to investigate the milk crate herself. Others chewed on it, crawled up on it, and occasionally waded in the water bowl. It is securely attached to the wire to prevent tipping.
Jenny & Belle at the feeder
The automatic feeder was of some interest. Here Jenny and Belle check it out.
Molly, Lily and Velvet
Molly, Lily and Velvet race across the pen.
The pack climbs the steps
Climbing the steps is a new game; the reward at top is mamma's food bowl. As soon as they are let out of their pen, they head for the porch.
Jenny comes down the steps
Jenny daintily picks her way back down the steps.
Bridget and Star
Bridget and Star have finished mamma's left over kibble and are ready to come down stairs.
Belle - 6-1/2 weeks
Belle, the larger of the two white pups, has almost complete pigment on her nose.
Caisse and pups
Pups prefer to be in the yard, like the "big dogs" but still seek out mamma when it's nap time.
Lady says hi
Lady's heavy spots are fading into her undercoat, as will most of the other pups'.
See the pedigree, pictures of parents and GDC hip x-ray clearance numbers.

Owner and breeder: Catherine de la Cruz,
Poste de Pompier Working Great Pyrenees.

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