Poste de Pompier Working Great Pyrenees

Luciano x Caisse pups

Born July 11, 2001

At this point in their development, we usually introduce the pups to the lambs. However, the lambs - born last winter - weigh as much as Caisse does. So we borrowed a gentle old Nanny goat to be the pups' introduction to "critters". Her name is Piccolo and she lives next door to Angie's Pyrs.
week 8 Goat and pups meet for first time
Piccolo and some of the pups come face to face for the first time.
Belle approaches goat
Belle is the first to approach and the goat lowers her head protectively.
Belle approaches goat
About to get her first lesson in interspecies communication, Belle approaches closer.
Goat hits Belle
The goat hits Belle with the side of her head while more cautious littermates look on.
Goat hits Jenny
Jenny was the next to be warned not to get too close...
Goat and Jenny
...but in the end, Piccolo and Jenny decided they could be friendly.
wk8 Belle Jenny Velvet
Belle, Jenny and Velvet relax after their tiring morning
wk8 Brown & Brother
Brown and Brother think a rest is a great idea. The cement is cool here
Bridget Pulls Moms Tail
Not having approached the goat, Bridget has enough energy to pull Mom's tail.
Mouth wrestling time
After a nap, it's mouth-wrestling time.
Angie and pups
Most pups were very social and came to greet someone they hadn't seen in weeks.
Pups with Angie
While Velet is a kisser, Bridget (to Angie's right) had to be coaxed to come say hello. She is much less social than her siblings, by choice.
See the pedigree, pictures of parents and GDC hip x-ray clearance numbers.

Owner and breeder: Catherine de la Cruz,
Poste de Pompier Working Great Pyrenees.

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