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  • Anais Whitney

    Caspyr SmithCaspyr "guarding" the girls while napping on a camping trip.
    Lives with Jerome and Alisha Smith

    Jerome and Caspyr
    Alexander, AR

    Our three pyrs taking a break during a recentwalk in downtown Colorado Springs. From right to left are Tresor (layingdown), Roland, and Cobaka owned by John and Joan Lambert and daughter Vanya ofColorado Springs. The dogs always attract a lot of attention during ouroutings. During a hot air ballon "glow" downtown this past summer, the pyrswere as much of an attraction as the ballons.

    Joan Lambert's Pyrs
    There are several individual pictures of our pyrs (with captions) at ourweb site. The URL is:
    The pictures were taken with a Kodak DC-20 digital camera.

    This is Lofton - owned by Lisa Pawl and her son RJLofton Pawl

    Tara as a puppy, owned by Scott Cook Tara Cook as a puppy

    (Left) Geisha - (Right) Ceres in Norway
    Geisha Ottesen Ceres Ottesen
    The dog laying in the sunset is "Geisha" a bitch of 1 yr.The other dog is "Ceres", a male of 6.5 yr.Both pictures are from a walk in the Norwegian montains this summer.Owned by Nils-Petter Ottesen of Norway

    Bear Ziehl, babysitting
    Bear - watching the baby. Owned by Joan Ziehl

    Shasta with Jazz ready for Santa ~~~~~~ Lucky Boy - owned by Patti Brunkala
    Shasta Lucky Boy Brunkala - age 7 mos

    Linda Kimber's Sugar, Matilda and Edgar

    Sugar on the left, Matilda in the middle and Edgar on the right, owned by Linda Kimber

    Sheryl & Jay White's Mickey - at ll weeks Here's Mickey at 11 weeks and about 16 pounds. He's now 7.5 months andweighs 100 pounds. The owners are Sheryl & Jay White

    Kodiak ValentinoKodiak, owned by Kathy and Tony Valentino - still small enough to be a lap-puppy

    Katie Brown - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Mickey, Katie and Nell imitate an Oreo cookie Katie Brown Mickey, Katie and Nell Brown

    Owned by David and Barbara Brown of Huntington Beach, CA

    Molly - owned by Carolyn Pesta Molly Pesta Molly at rest

    Majic, owned by David Lamond.For a complete view of this prize-winning photo, see Dave's home page at