Pyr-L Members' Dogs

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Brio , age 18 mos- owned by Geoffrey and Susan Leach
Brio LeachBrio Leach

Luciano, Brio's father, waiting ringside on a hot summer day with his handler, Debi Carpadus. Owned by Catherine de la Cruz and Nancy Carr.

Luciano de la Cruz

Tova Adato with her "girls"
Tova Adato with her girls Tova - double your pleasure
Tova Adato - baby sittingTova - I love baby sitting.

Barney Huggard Barney Huggard - Being a Beach Bum is hard work

Jenna Ziehl Jenna Piglet Ingram Ziehl - 15 weeks and 42 pounds

Mary Staudinger with Shylo, the 133-lb blanket

Shylo Staudinger

Samson O'Neil Tim O'Neil's Samson.

Kelly Dunn Price's Trudeau and Allie

Kelly Dunn Price's Trudeau and Allie

Luciano, Luke and Timmy Luciano de la Cruz shows sons Luke Carpadus and Timmy King that he's still the biggest guy in the pen.

Puppy Colby with Alaska McClure
Splat! A relaxed Alaska McClure

Vader at 6 mos in the snow - Wookie and Vader Martin, grown.
Vader - at six months Wookie and Vader Martin

Liz Bracher's BensonLiz Bracher's Benson, in his still-favorite basket