Pyr-L Members' Dogs

Mickey White really gets into his books

Mickey and Jaclyn White Mickey really gets into his studies

Seiko - after Rescue by Scott Cook
Seiko - after Rescue by Scott Cook "This is a pic of Seiko taken the day we picked her up to foster her.She's 3 years old, had blown coat due to whelping, is heartworm positive,and had been eating from a garbage pile in the owner's back yard in order to survive. The poor gal weighed 58.5 Lbs then....
This pic was taken just after her first grooming and bath"

Akila  with DorjeThe Ince family
Akila on the left, with Dorje,patrolling their pen shortly after their arrival last May.The Ince family portrait including our dogs - left to right :Deva,
Siddha - our mixed breed, Akila, and Dorje, plus our two-legged
family, Birgit, Jim and our kids.

Startrax By Storm Startax By Storm - Gus - owned and bred by Ian Spencer-Brown - 10 mos old

Albert ALBERT Vocke
Albert owns Janice Vocke and is all dressed to go out for the evening.

Chevy, 8-yr old male, and Cindy, 4.5-yr old female owned by Grant and Philippa Saunders, Waiuku, South Auckland, New Zealand
Chevy.jpg - 18471 Bytes CINDY.jpg - 16796 Bytes
Chevy is still shown, but much prefers to be on guard under his favourite tree at the front of the property.
Ernie in his favorite spot
Ernie, owned by Julie Deschenes and family sleeping on his favorite couch