Pyr-L Members' Dogs

Buran "Buran" at 10 weeks of age as we traveled across country to Alaska with him in the cab of the truck. Owner Deb and JerryFrost.

Honymoon. Buran 10 weeks Buran two months later

Buckley Mealy

Buckley Mealy Buckley. He is the companion of Jeffrey & Jill Mealy of Akron, OH USA. Buckley enjoys hanging out in his yard, going for car rides, and taking walks on the golf course. He was born on New Year's Day 1999. More pictures can be found at:

Bear McDonald

Bear the Digger Birthday Boys April 2001 Bergonzi "Bear" guards the hearts of Corinne and Alan in Ottawa, Canada.He loves digging almost as much as car rides!

Kodiak of Tundra - Bev Young of Gainseville Florida

kodi drool bev&snowgirl

Belle Bottom Bleau and Andrew Floyd Webber - Geri and Gil Bleau

bellebleau Andy with Grandma Cookie - 77 yrs young
Andy with his 77-years-young Grandma Cookie

Holly Saunders at 5 months


Spin Garrett - goat guard par excellence - and her assistants

Spin Garrett at 5 yrs old
Spin Garrett, as a pup, spies cats in the field
Kingston, a former Rescue dog, helps Spinner with the Nubians and La Manchas at Walnetto Farm
Zack, another former Rescue - "Can't you see I work best from this position?"

Juno and Dancer Johnson

Juno and Dancer Johnson Juno (l.)and Dancer (r.) both came into the local shelter as strays.  When Dancer's family was located,they were not interested in her return.  Their loss, my gain.  Loveable.  Elegant.  Droll.

Dusty and AnD Croy

Dusty with toy
Dusty Croy with her toy
Pam Croy with  An-D
Pam Croy with AnD, one of her "furkids"
PamCroy and dog

Emmett Roberts

Emmett Roberts After a long day
Emmett Roberts relaxes after a hard day
being a couch - er, armchair - potato.

Daphne Roy

Daphne - April 28,2002 Shown here at three months of age, Daphne and her parents, Shawna and Eric live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada.

Jack Crafton

Best Friends - Jack & Danny Crafton A purple heart for wounds suffered in battle
Jack_in_bed Jack is a working LGD for the Idaho acreage of Anita and Danny Crafton. He and Danny are best friends. When Jack stoicly endured having porcupine quills removed from his nose, the vet awarded him a "purple heart". For comfort, Jack curled up in the Sheltie's bed - well, he almost fit!
Jack And Diamond play
Jack (R) - resident LGD - plays with Diamond, one of the "Miner pups" raised by the Craftons, returned for a vacation.
Jack & Diamond Pack Play
Jack and Diamond meet in mid air.

Jonah Potter

Jonah-Potter Mitzi Potter's 5-yr old Pyr, Jonah. Jonah is one of a very full household of Pyrs and others that seem to get along very well. Mitzi wouldn't have it any other way.

Max & Zoe Cooper - The Alpine Circus

Tracey Cooper with Max and Zoe - half of the household she bills "The Alpine Circus". TracyCooper with Max and Zoe

Winston Lumpkin

WinstonLumpkin Suzanne Lumpkin with Winston - at 9 wks and 26 lbs

Chance and Lucky Lynch

Chance and Lucky Lynch Chance and Lucky Lynch share October birthdays. Owned by Dan and Krysta Lynch, at home in southern Nevada

Lakhota with Sam Barbieri

Lakhota at the Milwaukee Rescue parade Lakhota, owned by Sam Barbieri, is awarded a ribbon at the Rescue parade at the Milwaukee Specialty Show

Rex Karsan with mother alpaca and newborn cria

Rex with newborn cria and mother Here's a newborn cria (born yesterday) whose mom nudged him to sit down next to Rex. Mom was born here and has lived with my Great Pyrenees from the start, and that makes these second generation moms very relaxed around the dogs, even with their cria.
Rex works at Hidden Hills Alpacas in New Hampshire.

Susan Coleman's Angel and Sam

Angel Coleman 2 Yrs old
Angel Coleman, age 2 yrs.
Suzanne Coleman Angel & lSam
Suzanne Coleman with Sam (l) and Angel (r)
Suzanne and dogs
Angel, Suzanne, Lily and Sam in Feb2005

Dogs of Lee and Jo Hurd

Babs&Casey Hurd Babs&Casey Hurd
Babette (age 5) and Casey (age 2) Hurd.
Logan Croy
Logan Croy Logan Croy
Logan Croy Logan is described by Pam Croy as "the foster dog that never left our house once he got here." Looks like he's settled in right well!
Zoe was rescued by Shirley McGreal, thanks to an alert shelter staff member who refused to euthanize this seven year old bitch simply because she was heartworm positive. Zoe joins two other rescue dogs at the Primate Shelter while she awaits heartworm treatment.