Pyr-L Members' Dogs

Rufus Mixdorf
Rufus Mixdorf Rufus
Rufus Rufus is loved by Jennifer Mixdorf and family. She says, "   He is 7 years old and we "rescued" him at age 2 from the breeder.  He is the love of my life - not a working pyr - just a house guardian and companion to my husband and me and our rottweiller mix, Bailey. "
McKenzie Papke
McKenzie Papke McKenzie Papke
McKenzie Papke lives in Idaho Falls, ID
Moose Posner
Moose 9 weeks
Sean Posner with nine-week old Moose. Who is teaching whom to dig holes????
Moose - all grown up
Moose all grown up. Bred by Kerry Kern Woods of WA.
Rafeiro do Alentejo - Portuguese Sheepdogs
Baba - a 20-month old Rafeiro female owned by Jerzy E. Henisz, MD
Ubu - a 10 month old Rafeiro male
Lady and Dotti Catala
Catala Family
Lady and Dotti with the Catala Family - Christmas 2005
Denny Croy - 6 mos old
Denny Croy; Denny Croy
Denim Son of Levi - six months; loved by Pam Croy
Lucky Plotkin

We found him at a local shelter when he was 10 months old.  He had been abused and still had red blotches on his fur from teenagers shooting him with a paintball gun.  At first he would not come near men, only woman.  I didn't set out to take home the biggest dog in the place, but something in his eyes just won me over after a few more visits.  At first it was hard to understand him, it was like living with a foreign exchange student.  It took about a year, now he and I are inseparable.  Not the easiest dog in the world, but without a doubt the most interesting.

Louie Sheehan
Louie Sheehan
Louie is a Luciano son, loved by Moira Sheehan. Here at 11 wks old
Louis and Maggie
Louis and 10-yr old Maggie are new best friends. 9/07
Gabriel Todd - age 14+
Gabriel Todd
Gabriel Todd - May 2007 - age 14 +
Shadow Schroeder
Shadow is a puppy here - he was about 9 months old. He will try to sit on your lap the same way - he's just to tall to do things like a normal furkid!
Happy 9th Birthday, Anais Whitney!
Anais - 10 yrs
Loved by Stephanie Whitney, Anais takes her birthday nap.
Prairiesong Anais d'Hiver, RN - at the 2010 GPCA National
2/1/1999 - 5/20/2010
Anais Veteran



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