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Storytelling is the seed behind every other art form: painting, singing, acting, dance, poetry.

Cathryn Fairlee has traveled the globe
gathering epics, myths, legends, histories, folk & fairy tales from the folk.
Since the 1980s, she has delighted and enlightened adults and young adults with her performances.

Cathryn is experienced at performing, leading discussions or teaching workshops at festivals, conferences, colleges,
and many adult gatherings, large or small.

Cathryn is currently presenting a series of HouseConcerts for adults in Cotati, Sonoma County, CA.
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The next HouseConcert is June 26th from 4 - 6 pm. Courting the Maid of the North!
Talented Tim Ereneta and I are entranced by the Finnish epic, The Kalevala.
We will tell our favorite episodes of two major characters trying to win the hand of the Maid of the North.
The problem? Her mother is a powerful witch!
Tickets $15. Buy your tickets at BrownPaper, 800-838-3006 or

"To speak is to sow. To listen is to reap." - Turkish Proverb


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Cathryn Fairlee
Cotati, California

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