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Storytelling is the seed behind every other art form: painting, singing, dance, poetry. Cathryn Fairlee has traveled the globe
gathering epics, myths, legends, histories, folk & fairy tales from the folk.
For the past twenty-five years she has delighted and enlightened adults and young adults with her performances.
Taste the wisdom that has reseeded itself for hundreds and thousands of years,
kept green and vibrant by grandparent telling grandchild, storyteller telling community.

Cathryn is available to perform, lead discussions or teach workshops at festivals, conferences, colleges,
and most gatherings, large or small.

Cathryn is currently presenting a series of HouseConcerts for adults in Cotati, Sonoma County, CA.
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The next HouseConcert is VIKING VENTURE!
 Beowulf is the oldest story that exists in Anglo Saxon, Old English.
 Heroic!   Dramatic!   Moving!  
While many Norse Myths are grim, I adore those with wild wicked humor, and those I will add to the day.
This concert of Northern classics will be both chilly and warm.

Sunday, March 2nd * 4 - 6 pm

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"To speak is to sow. To listen is to reap." - Turkish Proverb


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Cathryn Fairlee
Cotati, California

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