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Popol Vuh

Popol Vuh
This is the Maya epic of creation, spirits, animal identities, and conquering the underworld.
There is only one ancient copy, saved in 18th century Guatemala, and now in the Newberry Library, Chicago, IL.
It is considered the bible of the Quiché Maya.
Creation  •  First Boy Gods  •  Blood Woman  •  Monkey Brothers  •  Seven Macaw
Hero Twins  •  Underworld  •  Sacrifice!  •  Corn People  •  Popol Vuh History

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Donner Party Survivor won a Storytelling World Award!

Donner Party Survivor

Donner Party Survivor
The true story of a pioneer group snow trapped in the Sierra Mountains in 1846.
The story is told by a survivor, Virginia Reed Murphy, who turned 13 while crossing the prairie.
Virginia was lively and bold and saw her adventure quite differently than
Sweet Betsy of Pike, sung throughout the narrative.
California Trail  •  The Cutoff  •  Trapped  •  Forlorn Hope  •  Rescued

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Cathryn Tells Chinese

Cathryn Tells Chinese
Immortal Dumpling,   the opening to the famous opera White Snake  •  True Dragon,  a Tang Dynasty legend
Fifth Uncle,   an episode from a unique humorous Yangzhou tale
A Listener,   from a Beijing drumsong passed on to me by Kate Stevens.

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Mahabharata Pilgrimage won a Storytelling World Award!

Mahabharata Pilgrimage

Mahabharata Pilgrimage

Listen! This is a taste of the exhilarating epic of the ancient Hindu clan, the Great Bharatas.
It is still very alive in India and performed in every medium from sculpture to television.
These are my favorite episodes which give the essence of the story:
The five splendid Pandavas brothers are competing for the rule of their kingdom against their scheming cousins.
The epic is full of love, lust, character, cleverness, myth, jealousy, devotion and enlightenment.

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award Winner of iParenting Media Award and Storytelling World Award

Cathryn Tells Celtic

Cathryn Tells Celtic
Balor Evil Eye,  from a 15th c. Irish manuscript  •  Garwaf,  from a 12th c. lay of Brittany
Manawydden,  from the 12th c. Welsh Mabinogion  •  Binnorie,   from a 1648 Scots ballad
Son of the King,  Ancient Irish  •  Selkie Mother,  from the Hebrides, a traditional Traveler's tale

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Kateryn Parr Tells All won a Storytelling World Award

Kateryn Parr Tells All

Kateryn Parr Tells All
Hear the truth about all six queens of Henry VIII from the lips of the remarkable woman
who wrote books, married four times, tutored Elizabeth I, and was nearly beheaded for heresy.
This is an historically accurate, yet personal view of the Tudor court, filled with intrigue, gossip, wit and song.
Lose your head over the lady who survived Henry.

Catherine of Aragon  •  Anne Boleyn  •  Jane Seymour  •  Anne of Cleves  •  Katherine Howard  • 
Kateryn Parr, Queene  •  Reformation  •  Kateryn survives  •  Henry dies  •  Elizabeth and the end  

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Cathryn Tells All won the Pegasus Award for inspiring student tellers!

Lion's Whisker

Traditional tales from around the world - for listeners age 7 to 107
Cathryn Tells All
Buryonka, Russian  •  Ali Cogia, Arabian  •  Lion's Whisker, Ethiopian  •  The Cave, Sioux
Perfect Dragon,Chinese  •  Hexed, Southern US  •  Wise Woman, Mexican.  •  Headly Koo, English

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Celtic Cnot of Clan MacCool

Some of my favorite stories of Fionn MacCool and his son, Oisín, related to a very fascinated St. Patrick.

Connemara Beach * Oisín & Patrick * Salmon of Knowledge * Burning of Tara
Clan Wolfhounds * Saba’s Love * Oisín in Tir na nOg

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