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If you and your arm chair traveling friends or classroom want to experience the adventure without the passport, schedule a presentation. You can see a slide show, hear a travelogue with traditional stories and ask questions of the traveler.

Cathryn has been traveling since she was potty trained. She is a student of arts and cultures and spends time studying the language, history, religion, arts and lifestyle of a place before setting out. Traveling independently with some knowledge of a culture allows her to meet locals and experience a trip full of adventures.

China without a Guide

Destinations ...

  • Uzbekistan - heart of the Silk Road
  • Bhutan - seeking the heights
  • South India - spicy performers
  • Traveling in China - since 1977
  • Storytelling in China - since 2003
  • Thailand - The Buddha up close
  • Bali - dancing stories, artisan weavers and daily spirituality
  • Mexico - tiny indigenous craft villages, art and architecture
  • Guatemala - mythology, religion and crafts
  • Ireland - ancient sites, language, music and story
  • Rajasthan - Hindu saints, Buddhist caves and the Camel Faire!
  • Turkey - food and music, more archeology than Greece
  • England and Wales - sacred wells, storytelling festivals and long hikes

"Travel is the best education you can have." - My Grandma

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