Sonoptic - Chore Overload - wd 6


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Chuck Marcus
and Alison Faith Levy
guitars, bass, casio, organ, various synthesizers and effects.


"... this disc in the realm of the '90's classic Selected Ambient Works, Vol. II by Aphex Twin. Very happening, a real surprise." ------ Juxtapostion

"Strange, eerie-sounding stuff, like bees and beetles lost in the ghost in  the machine. " ------ Dead Angel

"...fashioning loosely structured dronescapes for guitar, tape loops, and analogue synths, which falls not far from the New Zealand murky aesthetic axis of early Dean Roberts, RST, or even Gate. Pretty good stuff! ------ Aquarius Records

"... a spectral collage of tonal atmospheres and pleasing electronic de-compositions."
------ Headlight Journal


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