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I haven't decided on prices for these, but bigger orders will get
some sort of discount.  I'm looking for the Infocom games Starcross
and Suspended (original saucer and mask packaging only).  I am also
looking for interesting old computer equiptment.  In general I am
looking at about (US) $20 per game plus shipping (around $10 in the 
contenental US).  Paypal is preferred. Email me at 
(remove the ZZ first).

Entries marked with a * are on hold.


--------------- Sierra -------------------------------------------
Space Quest III Pirates of Pestulon - Sierra - IBM - 3DGA
  Box, 3.5" and 5.25" disks, manual, reference card, installation notes, a 
  letter form the president, warranty registration card, Sierra catalog.
  Box and slip case chewed up on one side.

Space Quest III Pirates of Pestulon - Sierra - IBM - 3DGA
  Box, 3.5" and 5.25" disks, manual, 3D Hint Book, reference card,
  installation notes, a letter form the president, warranty registration
  card, Sierra catalog.  Box is in good shape, but has some tape on it.
Police Quest 2 The vengeance - Sierra - IBM - 3DGA
  Box, 3.5" and 5.25" disks, Homicide officer's guide, reference card,
  installation notes, warranty card, AdLib ads, Sierra fall 88 catalog.  Good.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards - Sierra - IBM - 3DGA
  Box 7 x 9 x 1.25".  Includes manual, 3.5" disk, reference card, Sierra's BBS
  flyer, hint book order sheet, napkin, t-shirt offer/order sheet,
  smart money flyer, sierra 1987 catalog.  Requires 256k, supports EGA,
  CGA, and Hercules .  Missing 5.25" disk.  Box is in good condition,
  internals are in excellent condition.

Manhunter: New York - Sierra - Apple IIgs
  Includes box, slipcover, disks, reference card, quick reference card, half
  of the registration card.  This is missing a map and likely more stuff.
  The slip case had a 2cm tear at the top.  Edges and corners are a bit worn.
  Otherwise the slip case looks pretty good.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards - Sierra - Apple IIgs
  Includes box, slipcover, disks, manual, Sierra catalog, registration card,
  3D Animated Adventure game reference card, LSLLLL Reference card, hint book.
  The slip cover has bits missing from the top and bottom front edges and the
  corners are slightly torn.  The inside box is missing some bits along the
  edges as well.  The manual is also missing bits along the right edge.
  (Did mice eat this?)  The coctail napkin is missing and possibly other
  parts.  Otherwise in reasonable condition.  The hint book has all of the
  hints developed.  Most are faded.

Conquests of Camelot - Sierra - IBM
  Includes box, slip cover, disks (5.25" only), Liber Ex Doctrina, half of 
  the registration card.  The map is missing.  The box is in good shape 
  except for a dent in the front upper left side.  The slip case has some 
  wear and a 7mm tear in the front upper left edge.  There is also a price 
  sticker on the front.  All other contents in very good condition.

King's Quest I 512k Version - Sierra - IBM
  Includes box, disks, manual, reference card, note on running with one and
  two drive systems, note on runnin from a hard disk, Prodigy flyer.  The
  slip cover is missing.  Also the box is white and slightly smaller than
  the Sierra standard box.

Space Quest II - Sierra - Apple IIgs
  Includes box, slipcover, disks, manual, reference card, registration card,
  Sierra hint book order form, hint book (all developed), original receipt.
  Box and slip cover in good shape.  Some wear on corners.

--------------- Misc -------------------------------------------
Darkseed - Cyberdreams - IBM - GA
  Box, background manual, technical addendum, quick reference card,
  disk exchange offer card, registration card, 5 3.5" disks. Box is somewhat
  crushed.  1" tear in box bottom flap.  Corners worn.
Sargon III - Hayden Software - HP 150 - chess (84)
  Box 9 x 7 x 1".  Manual, registration card, and disk.  Excellent condition
  (slight wear on corners)
Flight Simulator II - SubLOGIC - Amiga - FS
  Slipcase soft box 8 x 9.5 x 1".  Includes manual controls card, update
  information sheet, San Francisco, LA, NY and Boston area charts,
  SubLOGIC catalog/poster, Important Notice card, SubLOGIC interactive
  cables order card, registration card, disk, original bill of sale.  Good
  condition (inner box is somewhat crushed).
F-15 Strike Eagle - Microprose - Apple II/IIe/IIc - CFS (85)
  Box 8.25 x 8.75 x .75".  Includes manual, 1/2 of the warranty card, disk,
  and Microprose catalog.  Box in good condition.  Internals good.
Tsushima - Avalon Hill Game Company - C64 - MS (85?)
  Box 7 x 10.125 x 1".  Includes Manual, disk, Avalon Hill jan 98 catalog.
  Box in fair condition (creases on top, and worn corners).  Internals fair.

Pharoh's Revenge - Publishing International Entertainment - IBM - GA?
  Box 6 x 9 x 1".  Includes  Archeological guidebook, 5.25" disk, registration
  card, 3.5" disk upgrade card, info request card, Bytesize catalog.
  Sierra style slipcase.  Box good, internals good.

The Chessmaster 2000 - The Software Toolworks - Apple II - chess (86)
  Folder (single fold) 8.75 x 8.75".  Includes manual, easy reference guide,
  registration sheet, Software Toolworks flyer, sign up card for a membership
  in U.S. Chess, disk.  Folder is in fair condition, internals are good.

Rocket Ranger - Cinemaware - Apple IIgs
  Includes box, slipcover (Sierra style), background manual, Operating
  instructions, Secret decoder wheel, registration card, Cinemaware treasure
  ticket, buy two get one free offer.  Disks are missing.  The box is worn
  on the sides and corners.  Slipcover is in very good condition with minor
  wear at corners and along one edge.

The Oregon Trail - MECC - IBM
  Includes box, user's guide, disks (3.5 and 5.25), back-up disk request card.
  The box is in pretty good shape.  There is a sticker on the front of the box
  and a place where a 4.5" piece of tabe was once.  3.00 is written on the
  remaining sticky stuff.  No wear on the corners or edges.

Wilderness - Electric Transit - IBM
  Includes folder with spiral bound manual, Sierra Nevada disk, quick reference
  card, offer for other locations, Electric transit catalog. The folder is in
  mint condition.

Defender of the Crown - Cinemaware/Mindscape - Mac (512k)
  Includes box, disk, manual, reference card, registration card.  The box
  has been squished so there are creases along the right and lower front
  sides.  There is some wear along the edges and corners.  Inside contents
  are very good.

Wing Commander - Origin - IBM
  Includes box, disks, manual, 4 ship spec sheets, quick start card, reference
  card, Origin flyer, Origin 1990-1991 product catalog, disk exchange form,
  registration card.  Also included Wing commander II play manual and cdrom
  installation guide.  The box has some wear along edges and corners, but is
  pretty good shape otherwise.

MS - Military Simulation
GA - Graphic Adventure
FS - Flight Simulator

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