Here is a side-by-side comparison of the Solbourne S3000 and Sun Voyager.

Note that the S3000 has a 17inch gas plasma display and voyager has a 12inch color LCD. Both screens allow some range of tilt.


Both machines have built in floppy drives. The Voyager features two PCMCIA slots. There is a fan in the S3000 which exhausts through the vents above the floppy drive.



The S3000 includes a handle! It is the intention at center-top. It (the S3000) weighs 20-30 pounds. It would have been very nice to have a convenient place to pickup a voyager as well.


Note the port access on the Voyager is at the base but is arranged vertically on the S3000. Also note that the S3000 features 3 SBUS slots.img_2969.jpg

Note that the top SBUS slot is filled with a bwtwo equivalent card which drives the display. Also note that the keyboard plug is the same as on Sun type 4/5/6 keyboards but is not eclectically compatible. Also note that the same plug is used to bring out audio.


The screen of the S3000 when powered on really appears smooth and uniform. It would be excellent to find a keyboard for this machine.



Carrying case for the Solbourne. Was one ever produced. Contact me here.

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